Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2021

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After The Winter (Na Konci Zimy, Poslije Zime) (Country: Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia; Year: 2021; Director: Ivan Bakrač; Writer: Ivan Bakrač; Stars: Momčilo Otašević, Ana Vučković, Petar Burić, Maja Šuša, Ivona Kustudić)
A drama about five childhood friends from a small Montenegrin town who have gradually moved away to different corners of former Yugoslavia.
Dear Ones (Country: Poland, Czech Republic; Year: 2021; Director: Grzegorz Jaroszuk; Writer: Grzegorz Jaroszuk; Stars: Olaf Lubaszenko, Adam Bobik, Izabela Gwizdak, Piotr Żurawski)
A father calls his estranged son for help when the women in their family go missing.
Intensive Life Unit (Jednotka Intenzivního Zivota, Jednotka Intenzivního Zivota) (Country: Czech Republic; Year: 2021; Director: Adéla Komrzý; Writer: Adéla Komrzý)
A meditation on the ethics of palliative care..
Mirrors In The Dark (Zrcadla Ve Tmě) (Country: Czech Republic; Year: 2021; Director: Šimon Holý; Writer: Šimon Holý; Stars: Alena Doláková, Bořek Joura, Eliška Soukupová, Václav Vašák, Markéta Tannerová, Martin Dědoch)
Supposedly, all it takes is 36 questions and you’ll fall in love with anyone. A young couple decide to put this theory to the test.
Nuuccha (Country: Russia; Year: 2021; Director: Vladimir Munkuev; Writer: Vladimir Munkuev, based on the short story by Wacław Sieroszewski; Stars: Pavel Kolesov, Sergei Gilev, Irina Mikhaylova)
A poor Yakut couple have just buried their newborn child and are preparing for the harsh winter ahead when the local governor, installed by the tsarist authorities, instructs them to take in a Russian political prisoner.
Otar's Death (Otarova Smrt) (Country: Georgia, Germany, Lithuania; Year: 2021; Director: Ioseb "Soso" Bliadze; Writer: Elmar Imanov, Ioseb "Soso" Bliadze; Stars: Nutsa Kukhianidze, Iva Kimeridze, Eka Chavleishvili, Achi Makalatia)
Two families, each facing their own existential difficulties, are brought together by an unfortunate event.
Patchwork (Country: Cyprus, Israel, Slovenia; Year: 2021; Director: Petros Charalambous; Writer: Janine Teerling; Stars: Angeliki Papoulia, Joy Rieger, Stella Fyrogeni)
A new friendship prompts a woman to reflect on her past and ponder whether motherhood is a natural state of boundless love and caring or an ideal imposed by society.

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