"Found footage" horror seeking the truth behind the murders of a family at an isolated house in the woods.
The Caller
When the past comes calling, don't pick up the phone...


Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark
A girl starts to hear voices in the hidden basement of a mansion her father is restoring.
Final Destination 5
Death tries to correct the balance after a premonition saves a group of workers from a bridge collapse.
Fright Night
Is horror movie addict Charley Brewster’s suave new nextdoor neighbour Jerry Dandridge really an evil vampire responsible for a string of recent deaths?
The Holding
An enigmatic stranger may not be as much of a godsend as he first appears to a lonely mum and her daughters.


The Innkeepers
An old inn is about to shut its doors for the final time and two of its employees get more than they bargain for when they go ghost hunting.
Criminals subject a family to a night of terror.
Kill List
A hitman's moral compass becomes badly skewed.
A Lonely Place To Die
Mountain climbers become caught up in a game of cat and mouse after discovering a kidnapped girl buried in the wilderness.


Midnight Son
Twisted romance with a vampiric edge.


As a psycho killer lurks in the woods, a group of nervous people might represent a bigger threat to each other.
After being murdered, bishop St Niklas seeks revenge every 32 years by giving the parents and children a Christmas they will never forget.
UK horror on a military base.
Troll Hunter
A group of student filmmakers get more than they bargained for when tangling with a man tasked with protecting Norway from giant trolls.
Urban Explorers
A warren of tunnels beneath Berlin holds trouble for a group of thrill-seekers.


The Wicker Tree
A Texas gospel singer and her boyfriend find themselves caught up in a bizarre ceremony of pagan rites.
The Woman
A successful country lawyer captures and attempts to "civilise" a woman he finds in the woods.

Hidden in plain sight Joanna Coates on Hide And Seek.

Inside Jeunet's box of tricks From boyhood puppets to 3D.

Egoyan on the sombre side Director finds inspiration close to home.

Why Nicole would always choose love Cannes opening star on her highs and lows.

Lone wolf John Jarrett on murder, mayhem and Wolf Creek 2.

A red carpet night for The Unknown Known Errol Morris and the stars come out for Donald Rumsfeld documentary.

The making of a Minister Bertrand Tavernier on Quai D'Orsay.

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