A brand new festival located in the Burgh Hall and Studio Cinema in Dunoon, this is an event packed with Scottish classics and featuring some of the best examples of recent cinema from ariund the world. There's a strand focused on the work of writer Alan Sharp and a great youth strand with treats for kids of all ages, plus an excellent collection of shorts. Attendees can also enjoy a photography exhibition, Stars In Scotland, featuring movie legends who have visited the country in years past.

The festival runs from 14 to 16 June.

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Dunoon Latest Reviews

A young Saudi girl who will stop at nothing to earn enough money to buy the bicycle she craves.
Long Distance Information
Long Distance Information
A phone call reveals the difficulties of estrangement within a family.
Cutting Loose
Cutting Loose
Prisoners move toward rehabilitation and struggle with their hopes and dreams in the run up to the annual Scottish Prison Service hairdressing competition.
Comedy about a Woody Allen-obsessed pharmacist.
Local Hero
Local Hero
An American company attempts to buy up a Scottish village for pennies so it can site an oil refinery there, but the locals have other ideas.
The old age of the artist, exploring his relationship with a model and his son.
The Moo Man
The Moo Man
The year in a life of a dairy stockman and his herd.
Two longtime rivals battle for the title of Doo Fleein Champion in the East End of Glasgow.
I Am Tom Moody
I Am Tom Moody
A peek inside the mind of a singer with musician's block.
We Are Northern Lights
We Are Northern Lights
A collage of Scottish experiences recorded by professional and amateur filmmakers all across the country.
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Dunoon Film Festival Features

Dunoon diary
Postcards from a seaside festival.
Painting a life
Gilles Bourdos on Christa Theret in conversation about Renoir.
Pint of view
Andy Heathcote, Heike Bachelier and Steve Hook talk about documentary The Moo Man.
North star
Nick Higgins reveals the story behind We Are Northern Lights.

Dunoon Film Festival News

Inaugural Dunoon Film Festival launched
Stars In Scotland photography exhibition accompanies new event.

Venice 2015: The state of independents Looking For Grace, The Daughter, Equals, The Childhood Of A Leader

Venice 2015: Peak viewing Reports on Everest, Black Mass, Spotlight and The Danish Girl.

Moving on up Anna Rose Holmer on adolescence, gender identity and self-determination in The Fits.

Scaling the heights with Everest Deauville opening night premiere

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