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Dead or Alive: Final
A renegade cyborg locks horns with a hard-boiled cop in the final part of Takashi Miike's sci-fi trilogy.
United 93
A recreation of events surrounding the hijacking of United Airlines flight 93 on the 11th of September, 2001.
The Cremator
A family man, with a passion for prostitutes and cleanliness, sees the Nazi party as the salvation of the world.
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Small time crook is groomed for Hollywood with hilarious consequences.
A History Of Violence
Violence begets violence in a study of retribution and small town defiance.
The 40 Year Old Virgin
American Pie for grown ups.
The Dukes Of Hazzard
Luke, Bo and Daisy make big-screen comeback.
Dark Water
So-so adaptation of Hideo Nakata's Japanese horror movie.
The Descent
Six girls on a caving expedition find they are not alone in the dark.
Batman Begins
The evolution of mixed up rich kid Bruce Wayne into the Dark Knight of Gotham City.
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