Dead or Alive: Final


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Dead or Alive: Final
"Good for fans, not so good for newcomers."

The final episode of maverick director's Takashi Miike's Dead Or Alive trilogy comes to DVD after a long delay and stars Miike regulars Riki Takeuchi and Sho Aikawa, who reprise their roles from the first two films.

Takeuchi plays Honda, a hard-nosed cop, the second to manical Dictator Woo (Richard Chen), who controls the population of a town with an iron fist - killing husbands and wives for the crime of having a baby. Opposing him is a gang of terrorists/freedom fighters, who are determined for children to be born again.

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Aikawa, meanwhile, plays Ryo, a bizarre stranger, with almost superhuman speed and strength, who aligns himself with the rebels. This leads to an inevitable, explosive confrontation between Ryo and Honda, with perhaps the world at stake.

The film combines some of Miike's usual trademarks, including incidents of extreme violence juxtaposed with moments of serene calm, and supporting characters who have bizarre sexual habits.

Throw in robots, saxophones and swimming and you have the usual Miike recipe of madness and normality, good for fans, not so good for newcomers.

Reviewed on: 08 Jun 2007
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A renegade cyborg locks horns with a hard-boiled cop in the final part of Takashi Miike's sci-fi trilogy.
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Director: Takashi Miike

Writer: Hitoshi Ishikawa, Yoshinobu Kamo, Ichiro Ryu

Starring: Sho Aikawa, Maria Chen, Richard Chen, Jason Chu, Josie Ho, Tony Ho, Hiroyoshi Komuro, Ken Lo, Rachel Ngan, Don Tai, Riki Takeuchi

Year: 2002

Runtime: 89 minutes

BBFC: 18 - Age Restricted

Country: Japan


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