Sergiu Inizian

Sergiu Inizian is a passionate film critic from Romania. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Film from the Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj Napoca and a Master’s Degree in Journalism from the University of Bucharest. He has written a series of cinema essays for Arcadia, an international non-profit art organisation, co-wrote two short films, and has worked for Transilvania International Film Festival and Les Films de Cannes a Bucarest, two of Romania's most popular festivals. Sergiu is currently developing a film review blog on Medium.

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Latest Film Reviews

They’re Here
A group of upstate New Yorkers share their close encounters with extraterrestrial beings.
Made In Ethiopia
An exploration of the rapid industrialisation in modern-day Ethiopia and China's economic gamble in Africa, seen through the experiences of three women.
Kyuka Before Summer's End
A dad and his twin kids go on a boat holiday filled with unexpected encounters.
Simon Of The Mountain
Simon is 21 years old. He introduces himself as a mover's helper. He claims not to know how to cook or clean the bathroom, but he does know how to make a bed. Recently, he seems to have become a different person…
Returning to her home country to prepare her late mother's home for sale, a Japanese woman finds a collection of letters that alter her perception of her mother's experiences as a survivor of the nuclear bombing.
A sorrow-stricken family from rural Afghanistan seeks justice following the tragic death of their daughter, Zahra, a student at Kabul University.
Blaga's Lessons
A woman's moral compass starts to slip after she is conned out of her savings by a phone scammer.
Sojourn To Shangri-La
During a seaside commercial shoot, a complex art piece vanishes overnight. As the situation comes to a standstill, the assistant art director journeys in search of the installation.
I Saw Three Black Lights
Delving into the heart of the Colombian jungle, a village elder embarks on his final journey. Encountering armed militias, he confronts the violence that has afflicted his community for generations.
A prison officer faces a dilemma after a young man from her past is transferred to the jail where she works.


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