Martin Gray

Martin is a journalist with a love of writing in the first person. It's me, me, me, really, it is. I like thrillers, horror and musicals. On TV it's police procedurals, thrillers and the Gilmore Girls, plus any old MTM shows. I did a film and English Studies degree and learned terms like 'non-gender specific, pre-Oedipal castration complex neo-realist text'. I think someone was anticipating Marley and Me. I don't write enough for this fine site as I'm often blogging on my comics review page.

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Latest Film Reviews

Snoopy And Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie
The firm friends embark on a dual adventure.
American Horror Story: Asylum - The Complete Second Season
A reporter looking for a scoop gets impounded with patients at a mental institution.
Song For Marion
An elderly man struggles to deal with his terminally ill wife's desire to be part of her local choir.
The Woman In Black
Harry Potter and the Spooky Old House? Not quite. Out on re-issue.
The Green Hornet
After his father dies a man decides to fight crime.
Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief
Teenage gods and monsters - classical, but not a classic
The Wolfman
Wolf bites man. Man bites everyone else.
Can a school's Christmas play succeed when it's directed by The Grinch?
The Twilight Saga: New Moon
Can love conquer all when your boyfriend's a vampire?
The Fourth Kind
A widow gets close to the truth about alien abductions. Too close...
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