Jennie Kermode

A full time writer, part time academic and human rights advocate, Jennie is content director at Eye For Film, which often means that she has to pick up the awful stuff nobody else wants to review. The good side of this is that it gives her the chance to identify undiscovered gems.

Jennie enjoys a wide range of different genres and would probably say that her favourite film is Picnic At Hanging Rock or Vertigo. Before coming to Eye For Film, she spent two years with Movie Gurus. She has worked as Arts & Culture Editor at KaleidoScot and written on film for the likes of The Independent, Studio Magazine and the Directory of World Cinema. She recently published a new book, Transgender Employees in the Workplace: a Guide for Employers.

Jennie is a member of the Online Film Critics Society and Criticwire. She is also a Rotten Tomatoes registered Tomatometer critic.

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Latest Film Reviews

Human Desire
Blackmailed by her violent husband, a woman tries to persuade her lover to murder him.
At Eternity's Gate
The last days of Vincent van Gogh.
Minding The Gap
Three young men bond together to escape volatile families in their Rust Belt hometown. As they face adult responsibilities, unexpected revelations threaten their decade-long friendship.
In this twisted love story, a man seeks out an unsuspecting stranger to help him purge the dark torments of his past. His plan goes awry when he encounters a woman with plans of her own. A playful psycho-thriller game of cat-and-mouse.
Two For Joy
A family struggling with bereavement try to find solace on a caravan holiday.
Among Wolves
A motorcycle club led by Bosnian War veterans finds redemption helping their struggling small town heal and defending the threatened herd of wild horses they first met on the front line.
The Sisters Brothers
Two assassins set out into the wilderness on the trail of a man with a secret.
The Gospel Of Eureka
Love, faith, and civil rights collide in the south as evangelical Christians and drag queens step into the spotlight to explore the meaning of belief.
Hasan, a blacklisted filmmaker, starts to sulk when he isn't bumped off by a serial killer.


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