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Alice Fades Away (2021)
A woman seeks refuge at her uncle’s farm, but the demons from her past are not far behind.
Aya (2021)
Aya lives on an island with her mum and brother, as flooding threatens her house, Aya makes a choice.
The Blazing World (2021)
Decades after the accidental drowning of her twin sister, a self-destructive young woman returns to her family home, finding herself drawn to an alternate dimension where her sister may still be alive.
Dead Pigs (2018)
An ambitious pig farmer, sentimental salon owner, struggling busboy, and a wealthy young woman become intertwined during the social modernisation of Shanghai.
Doin' My Drugs (2020)
Thomas Muchimba returns to his native Zambia to share the knowledge he has learned from his familial experiences with HIV and AIDS.
Falling (2020)
A man invites his conservative father to live with him and his husband in Los Angeles, but his progressing dementia becomes problematic for them both.
Gun And A Hotel Bible (2019)
A man planning an act of violence has an encounter with the personification of a hotel bible.
I'm People, I Am Nobody (2022)
Documentary about Stevan, a 60-year-old, former porn performer from Serbia, who is awaiting the outcome of a Kafkaesque trial process in a Maltese prison.
Lady Buds (2021)
The story of six women who come out of the shadows of the cannabis underground to enter the new commercial industry in California.
Lapwing (2021)
In 1555 England, the love affair between an aphonic English girl and the son of Egyptians seeking illegal passage to Europe from a small community of salt farmers, brings a menacing enemy to light.
The Man From The Island West (1991)
Two men search for meaning in an impoverished coastal village in Taiwan, straying further from the community through their journeys.
Promises (2021)
A mayor in the final term of her political career faces a choice between integrity and ambition.
Roots (2021)
Passengers travelling around the small town of Dvor that looks onto a vast forest, share different fragments of their lives, past and present.
Sequin In A Blue Room (2019)
When a teenager's thrill-seeking leads to a memorable encounter at an anonymous sex party, he resolves to track down the mystery guy - even if he has to rely on a menacing former hook-up to help him.
The Sinners (2020)
An A-List Girl clique starts a secret cult where each of them must embody one of the seven deadly sins. They realise there's more to their small religious town when they start to go missing one by one.
Softie (2021)
Things change for a sensitive youngster from a deprived area after a new teacher takes over his class.
Time (2020)
Fox Rich fights for her husband’s release from jail, after he is sentenced to 60 years of incarceration for a bank robbery, a crime she also served time for in the Nineties.
You Cannot Kill David Arquette (2020)
Actor David Arquette attempts a rocky return to the sport that stalled his promising Hollywood career.

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