There Goes The Bride

There Goes The Bride


Reviewed by: Caro Ness

This was Jessie Matthews's first film at Gainsborough, a remake of the German Ich Bleib Bei Dir (1931), whose star Jenny Jugo bore an incredibly close physical resemblance to Matthews.

On the morning of an unwanted marriage, reluctant bride Annette (Matthews) runs away to Paris. Robbed of her purse on the train she meets a dashing wealthy young man, Max (Owen Nares), who was sharing her carriage. She tells him why she has run away and, while he does not believe her, he allows her to stay with him for the 24 hours she needs to avoid the marriage.

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She causes total havoc, managing to oust Max’s fiancée, who drops by, and masquerading as his fiancée at a party thrown for them, and slowly they begin to become rather fond of each other. But just as they are growing together, circumstances threaten to tear them apart.

This farce is set in France for no obvious reason, since it is so quintessentially British. As the vivacious and willful Annette, Matthews is all eyes and reactions, somewhat like a silent movie actress, and can be accused of overacting against her, at times, rather wooden and uncharismatic leading man, Owen Nares.

However, while filming the movie, she was at the studio from 7am till 6pm, then traveled to the Gaiety Theatre in London to perform in the stage production of Hold My Hand, often not getting home till midnight. I think she can therefore be forgiven since she must have been running on empty!

Ultimately, Matthews steals this bright little comedy. She has an effervescence and genuine likeability, which keep you watching. She sings a couple of numbers rather well, including one with the great Carroll Gibbons and his Savoy Orchestra, I’m Looking For You. It is possible that she did not gain greater notoriety because her movies are filmed in black and white but I would urge you to give this film a go - it is harmless fun.

Reviewed on: 04 Jul 2009
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A bride-to-be flees her wedding... and finds herself suspected of being a thief.
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Director: Albert de Courville

Writer: Noel Gay, Henry Koster, WP Lipscomb, Fred Raymond, Wolfgang Wilhelm

Starring: Jessie Matthews, Owen Nares, Carol Goodner, Charles Carson, Barbara Everest, Basil Radford, Winifred Oughton, Jerry Verno, Roland Culver, Jack Morrison, Mignon O'Doherty, Carroll Gibbons, Max Kirby, Gordon McLeod, Laurence Hanray

Year: 1932

Runtime: 79 minutes

BBFC: U - Universal

Country: UK


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