Caro Ness

Caro Ness is an award-winning children's fiction author, an adult non-fiction writer, editor and author's agent. She does quite a lot of voluntary work for the NHS and for local charities. She shares her home with her husband, an architect and her daughter, a gifted athlete.

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Latest Film Reviews

The Big Bang
A private investigator goes in search of a boxer's missing girlfriend... and a stash of diamonds.
Gnomeo & Juliet
Animated take on the Shakespeare tale.
A last chance dance class becomes a therapeutic encounter between adolescents struggling with ideas about sexuality.
Patrik, aged 1.5
Gay couple apply to adopt a child only to discover that the age and attitude of their prospective "progeny" has been compromised.
Pornography: A Thriller
The mystery of a gay porn star who disappears.
Lesbian awakenings in the student art world
Dance With Me
The mind plays tricks in a beautiful landscape where relationships are explored.
Out At The Wedding
Trouble brews for a New Yorker when she tries to keep her mixed race beau a secret at her sister's wedding.
Butch Jamie
A lesbian actor lands a role as a man... but is sworn to secrecy.
Echoes Of Home
All you ever wanted to know about Swiss yodelling but never dared ask.
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