The Three Wishes

The Three Wishes


Reviewed by: Jennie Kermode

Everybody knows the story of the man who was granted three wishes. It's an almost universal fable, spanning human cultures. You don't always get what you want. This animated fable, created by a group of schoolchildren, gives the tale a Scottish twist.

The dialogue here is well written and the voice acting works well, creating plenty of comedy as the tale unfolds. here our hero is a woodsmam, strolling through the forest when he happens across a fairy who is lost the morning after a party. Helping her home, he is granted the eponymous reward, but his immediate ambitions are, well, limited.

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The story falls apart when it comes to the denouement, which is somewhat confused and doesn't really deliver a satisfactory punchline. The animation is also somewhat underdeveloped, despite nicely individual birds and a rather appealing frog. Of course, first films always have their problems and the young filmmakers have plenty of room to develop their ideas in future, but as a viewing experience The Three Wishes leaves a fair bit to be desired.

Reviewed on: 18 May 2012
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When a woodsman helps a lost fairy get home, she grants him three wishes, but things don't turn out as he hoped.

Director: Migy

Starring: Alex Wilkinson, Emma Douglas, Dylan Leslie, Grace Banks

Year: 2010

Runtime: 4 minutes

Country: UK


Southside 2012

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