The Astronomer's Sun

The Astronomer's Sun


Reviewed by: James Benefield

While visually in the same ballpark as Tim Burton's Corpse Bride, The Astronomer's Sun is an altogether different kettle of fish.

It's the story of a young, rather pale man who visits an observatory with a wind-up toy bear. He discovers a large, mechanical device resembling the solar system, which he then turns on.

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The stop-motion is a little rough-hewn, but it's charmingly so. Similarly, some of the CGI was obviously done on a limited budget. But it doesn't matter, as it's totally captivating.

Unfortunately, there's too much going on here. There are hints of back story which the six-minute length doesn't have time to flesh out.

And with a soundtrack which seems a little out of place, it's a frustrating experience.

Reviewed on: 31 Jul 2010
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A man and a mechanical bear head to an observatory to confront his past.
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Andrew Robertson ****

Director: Simon Cartwright, Jessica Ami Cope

Writer: Simon Cartwright, Jessica Ami Cope

Starring: David Bunting, James Caroll

Year: 2010

Runtime: 6 minutes

Country: UK


EIFF 2010

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