Reviewed by: Andrew Robertson

"What's the colour of the insides?" asks the child. It's a question unanswered. "What happened to the chicken?" It's a question unanswered. Why are there so many children in this house? Are these their grandmothers? Are these anyone's grandmothers? These are questions left unanswered. These are, perhaps, secrets.

South America - washed out poverty, bleached poetry. Karla Gómez writes, this is ostensibly "inspired by a true story". There is the hum of an air conditioner, violins in Falco Korn's score. There's a slowness, a stillness. Very little happens but it does so in a way that feels inevitable, astonishing. Looking through encyclopedias, a game of marbles, a trip to the shop for some salt, we are watching because it is in front of us.

Secrets fall from it. Small ones, like the fate of some change, large ones, like how these people came to be in this place, driving ones, like "what's the colour of the insides?".

Reviewed on: 12 Feb 2013
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Two women with a houseful of children are too busy to answer all the questions, which only increases curiosity.

Director: Karla Gómez

Writer: Karla Gómez

Starring: Joaquin Foong, Leandro Juarez, Carolina Lo Bianco, Maria Cecilia Mc Dermott, Marta Rodriguez

Year: 2011

Runtime: 11 minutes

Country: Argentina


Glasgow 2013

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