Reviewed by: Andrew Robertson

There is a puddle, in the rain. Underneath it, superimposed into visible subscript, fish swim. There is a fag end in the top corner. Underneath the fish are replaced with flies, a bluebottle dance. Feet go by, the top corner, ripples.

Someone sweeps, a train goes by. One's eyes attempt to jump between the layers, but there is no depth - two-fold, there - this is contrast and confusion perhaps just for the sake of it.

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The eyes reach but find nothing. In the programme it suggests we "question the true nature of the image". It is a made thing - perhaps there was a purpose, but even in its three minutes one grows tired of it, waiting. Suddenly there is a bicycle, all is strewn about, and there is nothing. It is rare to be grateful that something so fleeting has passed, but there it was - and there, indeed, it should remain.

Reviewed on: 19 Jun 2012
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An experimental short film questioning our interpretation of images.

Director: Kenneth Feinstein

Year: 2011

Runtime: 3 minutes

Country: Indonesia, Singapore


EIFF 2012

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