Never Forget: A New Musical Based On The Songs Of Take That

Never Forget: A New Musical Based On The Songs Of Take That


Reviewed by: Darren Amner

Watching a musical isn’t necessarily my first choice when it comes to passing the time on a Sunday afternoon, however, I found myself with nothing to watch and decided to pop Never Forget into my DVD.

I am familiar with the musical material – having grown up in the Take that era - and am not embarrassed to admit that they are the only boy band that ever held my interest. Never Forget is a fun, feel-good film. It was tremendously entertaining... so much so I even re-watched later that evening.

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From an original story written by Danny Brocklehurst (Talk To Me), Never Forget is a musical about the unlikeliest Take That tribute band. Set in Manchester it follows Ash and his mates in the pursuit of their dreams with the help of Take That’s endlessly enjoyable back catalogue of hits, which includes Relight My Fire, Back For good, Babe and, of course, Never Forget.

The music is used generously throughout in inventive ways, with great upbeat dance routines and rousing hand-clapping audience participation.

Dean Chisnell as Ash Sherwood in the ‘Gary Barlow’ role is phenomenal; his gruff voice is vocally outstanding whether singing ballads or the more energetic songs. Ably supported by the rest of the boys – all are perfectly cast in their respective ‘like’ roles.

The sets are glamorous, striking and exuberant. Brocklehurst script oozes romance, despair and humour with equal aplomb. Gary Barlow’s original writing always felt like it could be taken and used easily in a musical and its transfer to the stage is a polished production of the highest order.

Never Forget is emotionally-charged entertainment, the story and songs make for pleasing viewing – it’s well-acted and sung and will appease both actual and closeted Take that fans.

I highly recommend this DVD; it’s certainly arrived at a topical time and will make for excellent viewing during a normally poor Christmas TV period. A DVD experience that you definitely will never forget and an unexpected surprise – get down to the shops and get involved it’s a must-have to keep all the family happy.

Reviewed on: 27 Nov 2007
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Stage show about a Take That tribute band.
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Director: Ed Curtis

Writer: Danny Brocklehurst

Starring: Dean Chisnall, Craig Els, Stephane Anelli, Tim Driesen, Eaton James, Nancy Sullivan

Year: 2007

Runtime: 180 minutes

Country: UK


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