My Love

My Love


Reviewed by: Andrew Robertson

This film is set in pre-revolutionary Russia, following a boy on the cusp of 16 as he dreams of and then chases his first love. It conveys genuine emotion, the dizzying romanticism of youth, the torments of the immature heart.

It is also beautiful, boldly so, appearing as an Impressionist painting brought to dazzling motion. At times it is Monet, the tranquility of waterlilies, at others paint throws itself upon the screen as from the brush of Turner. It is visually perfect, the score so neatly integrated that it feels a natural fit.

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This makes it all the sadder that the subtitling is imperfect, with some clumsy errors and some sections lacking any at all. The meaning is clear, but it's an awkward note in a film that is otherwise so perfect.

Reviewed on: 19 Aug 2007
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A Russian boy dreams of romance. Showing at EIFF 2007 as part of World Animation 1.

Director: Alexandre Petrov

Writer: Alexandre Petrov, Michail Tumelya, Tatyana Pavlovich

Year: 2006

Runtime: 26 minutes

Country: Russia


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