Medium Rare

Medium Rare


Reviewed by: Dylan Matthew

Set in a dreamy city nightscape that’s part modern and part 1940s noir, Medium Rare is a whimsical affair.

Carl (Steve Furst – better known as Mr Dresden’s sidekick in the Orange cinema adverts) is a man on the run and takes refuge in a quiet intimate restaurant from the mob pursuing him. As the potential lynchers buzz around nearby, Carl hides under a table where a lone woman dines.

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Fear of capture gradually gives way to comic and erotic interplay as the two lost souls engage with each other anonymously from either side of the tablecloth. Medium Rare does feel like an over-extended sketch with a punchline I could see coming and despite the rather distracting appearance of hypnotist Derren Brown in a minor role it is still a nice idea and it’s good to see the distinctive looking and talented Furst take centre stage for once.

Reviewed on: 24 Aug 2007
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A man on the run hides in a restaurant.

Director: Stefan Stuckert

Writer: Stefan Stuckert

Starring: Steve Furst, Sara Stewart, Gordon Alexander, Derren Brown, Lisa Halstead

Year: 2007

Runtime: 2007 minutes

Country: UK


Raindance 2007

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