Marshal Tito's Spirit

Marshal Tito's Spirit


Reviewed by: Nicola Osborne

The Croatian answer to Whisky Galore!, this is a lovely little comedy set on an island where a dead Marshall from the Communist era seems to be haunting the locals.

The townsfolk on a small, dull Adriatic island are bored. There have been no tourists for years and their town lies in such a dilapidated state that the mayor, a fervent capitalist, has been able to buy up the local museum, hotel and general real estate at rock bottom prices. He has big plans.

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The place has a touch of Coen brothers about it, being populated only with colourful eccentrics of varying ambitions for themselves and their little community. When the spirit of the dead communist Marshall Tito starts to wander it has the unexpected effect of bringing in a wave of elderly tourists nostalgic for communism. Life on the island becomes increasingly surreal a police officer from the mainland is sent to investigate.

A very funny and sweet little picture, with a curiously British feel to it, Marshal manages to remain amusing throughout, from the jaunty communist sequences through to the quietly developed romance.

As well as boasting a nicely thought-out story, the film also gives an interesting and lightly handled insight into life in the troubled but peaceful remains of the former Yugoslavian nation.

Complete with X-files parodies, ensemble cast of eccentrics several deliciously out-of-it pot-heads, as well as an appropriate score of local music this is easy-going and enjoyable fare.

Thankfully the resolution of the film is nicely judged ensuring that the film does not have to lose itself in a dull compromise and - like the Ealing comedies - would certainly withstand repeat viewing.

Reviewed on: 19 Jan 2001
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Communism resurrected in a sweet Croatian Ealing style comedy.

Director: Vinko Bresan

Writer: Ivo Bresan, Vinko Bresan

Starring: Drazen Kuhn, Linda Begonja, Ivo Gregurevic, Ilija Ivezic, Boris Buzancic, Ljubo Kapor

Year: 1999

Runtime: 97 minutes

Country: Croatia


EIFF 2000

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