Made Of Honour

Made Of Honour


Reviewed by: Martin Gray

After a film of dazzling originality, with breakout performances by up and coming stars? Then forget Made Of Honour. But if you're in the mood for a nicely crafted, well-acted, thoroughly entertaining time-filler featuring familiar faces who are well within their comfort zone, you could do far worse.

"Thoroughly entertaining" is, or course, in the eyes of the beholder, but it's fair to say that if you enjoy romantic comedy more interested in amusing than educating, you won't go wrong with this. The simple story has wealthy womaniser Tom (Patrick Dempsey, handsome and charming) realise he's in love with his best gal pal, New York art restorer Hannah (Michelle Monaghan, adorably smart and twinkly), while she's on a working trip to Scotland. Wouldn't you know it, on her return she has a new fiance, whisky magnate Colin (Kevin McKidd, turning the brogue up to 11), in tow. Tom's plan to declare his undying affection goes out the window, but when she asks him to be her male maid of honour, he sees it as a chance to get close and make her see what she's missing.

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Will Hannah realise Tom is the man for her, or will she settle down with Colin and his family of British character actors (Hannah Gordon, Clive Russell) in the obligatory castle in the glen? Hmm, there's a toughie...

Yeah, this is truly formulaic stuff: there's the travelogue scenery of New York and Scotland; the wacky his and her friends; occasional moments of poignancy; comedic culture classics; cameos from Hollywood stalwarts (Kathleen Quinlan, Sydney Pollack, James B Sikking); a soundtrack of poppy and trad Scottish favourites... but so what? Chocolate is formulaic. Beer is formulaic. Sodding football is formulaic.

But when someone gets a formula right, and adds a spot of polish, we should applaud? And if you like romcoms at all, Made of Honour catches the bridal bouquet.

Reviewed on: 09 May 2008
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Commitment- phobe realises who he wants - too late?
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Director: Paul Wieland

Writer: Adam Sztykiel, Deborah Kaplan, Harry Elfont

Starring: Patrick Dempsey, Michelle Monaghan, Kevin McKidd, Sydney Pollack, Hannah Gordon, Clive Russell, Kathleen Quinlan, James B Sikking

Year: 2008

Runtime: 101 minutes

BBFC: 12A - Adult Supervision

Country: US


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