Love Is Blind


Reviewed by: Jennie Kermode

Love Is Blind
"Smoothly rendered farce that benefits from great timing."

Sometimes the simplest comedy is the most effective. This chirpy little tale of cheating lovers trying to escape discovery is perfectly suited to the short format and its seamless production means there are no rough edges to distract from the action. It's a smoothly rendered farce that benefits from great timing as it navigates the complexities of communication and secrecy.

Sophie Allen is Alice, in bed with her young lover when her partner comes home unexpectedly. It's a common scenario in comedy, but writer/director Dan Hodgson gives it a twist that takes the farce one step further, as Alice struggles to get her lover out of the house without her partner noticing him, and to tackle the lover's anxieties about where their affair is going in the process. Meanwhile, her partner - whom, it is hinted, might have done a bit of cheating himself in the past - has something to reveal to her. As each tries to manouver the other around the house and keep secrets under wraps, the lover encounters one problem after another in his bid to escape.

Allen's affability is important in keeping us with a character who could easily have come across as shallow and manipulative. This, together with an affectingly sincere performance from Ace Mahbaz as her partner, anchors the comedy and keeps us focused on the characters as things spin out of control around them. Meanwhile, Hodgson shows masterful control of the movements of actors and cameras so that everything seems natural as they continue to miss what's going on around them. A slight tale but very well composed, this is a great calling card.

Reviewed on: 09 Jun 2015
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Love Is Blind packshot
Chaos ensues as a partner comes close to discovering a secret lover.

Director: Dan Hodgson

Writer: Dan Hodgson

Starring: Will Best, Sophie Allen, Ace Mahbaz

Year: 2015

Runtime: 7 minutes

Country: UK


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