Killer Bitch

Killer Bitch


Reviewed by: James Benefield

Unsurprisingly, Killer Bitch is as subtle as the B-movie title suggests. And, like a B-movie, the lurid level of sex and violence is not to be taken entirely seriously.

After witnessing the death of her boyfriend, model agent Yvette (Yvette Rowland) is awarded protection from a bunch of local gangsters. However, it's only a sealed deal if she helps out with the organisation's hit list. She's told this approach is a game they like to play. It's not exactly charades; she has to kill five people, or she and everyone she knows will be at risk. As it's a gangster's hit list, she's out killing some pretty dangerous men: murderers, rapists and cage fighter Alex (Alex Reid).

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Reid has been the centre of the film's publicity, and he's also emblematic of the writer-director's odd choices. Killer Bitch seems to be written around casting. It features adult film star Ben Dover as a naked, aging lothario and 'celebrity gangster' Dave Courtney does his hard as nails routine. Covering the trio of sex, violence and drugs, infamous dope personality Howard Marks pops up to give a magic mushroom anecdote. The result is a flashy, but rather bitty, experience, bolstering - or hanging off - the thin, central narrative. This gimmicky casting creates a maze of ultimately unsatisfying - and confusing - suplots and episodes.

Other than these oddities, it's easy to rattle off invective for such an uninspired movie. Not only does the film look as cheap as one of the flea market suits sported by its average hard man, it also skimps on quality control. None of the acting - including the stunt casting - is up to much. The humour is too half-baked to be either unpleasant or blackly funny. And, most depressingly of all, it looks like it's been shot by a sexually starved 15 year old film student who is both untalented, and careless about rudimentary research.

With such a dull premise and script, it's surprising Liam Galvin has assembled this notorious cast. The film's main loser is the viewer seeking it out on the back of the publicity generated by this casting.

Reviewed on: 01 May 2010
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A woman is forced to become an assassin to entertain her blackmailers.
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Director: Liam Galvin

Writer: Liam Galvin

Starring: Yvette Rowland, Robin Reid, Alex Reid, Joe Egan, Dave Courtney

Year: 2010

Runtime: 92 minutes

BBFC: 18 - Age Restricted

Country: UK


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