Reviewed by: Andrew Robertson

"As a poem of tones and moods it jars and soothes in unequal measure."

Dreamily dissonant, disquieting, Bhasmang Joshi's film makes excellent use of sound and colour to create a sense of something... other. Perhaps it is the logic of sleep that pervades and creates a jumbling chaos of lulls punctuated by distant mysteries. At times there is the sound of fireworks.

A fish in distress, phone footage of riots, news reports and the sussurus of the distant sea, there is a grasping for comprehension but it never quite comes. As a poem of tones and moods it jars and soothes in unequal measure but does succeed in evocation, if not also provocation. There is a sense that there is some key, anodised blue or not, that would unlock this reverie but until then there is no band. For all the technical skill displayed there is a fear that this is sound (and intermittently fury) signifying nothing.

Reviewed on: 18 Mar 2017
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Kadambari drifts into her unconscious, lingering as a stranger to her latent anxieties that remain laced with the numbness of a riots-stricken homeland.

Director: Bhasmang Joshi

Writer: Bhasmang Joshi

Starring: Nilesh Das, Aarti Prajapati

Year: 2016

Runtime: 10 minutes

Country: India


GSFF 2017

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