It's Such A Beautiful Day


Reviewed by: Andrew Robertson

It's Such A Beautiful Day
"Hertzfeldt is inordinately talented. This is a beautiful film."

This is a beautiful film. It's about Bill. Bill will continue. It's about Bill's day. "It's kind of a really nice day." To call it animated is to miss the extent to which this film is filled with life, with a life, with the notion of memory and of self and personality.

This is a film that leaves one awestruck, stunned, caught up in details and faces and hospital noises. We might discover the last thing that Bill can remember, but after seeing Hertzfeldt's film the act of remembering itself becomes a tribute.

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It's hard to explain, in part because the experience of watching the film is so bound up in it - this is event cinema. Not special effects, but flashes of colour and the intake of breath. There's a sensation of synaesthesia, of sadness - voices and colour and go and see it. Hertzfeldt is inordinately talented. This is a beautiful film.

It's not his only work. It's fair to call him a festival favourite, and at GSFF13 this is screening with two companion works - Everything Will Be Okay and I Believe In You make up a trilogy about Bill. Bill who is a stick figure but has the authenticity of documentary - the spark of life. It's hard to tell you enough to go and see this film. Go and see this film. You will remember it.

Reviewed on: 07 Feb 2013
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Bill struggles to piece his life together.

Director: Don Hertzfeldt

Writer: Don Hertzfeldt

Starring: Don Hertzfeldt

Year: 2012

Runtime: 23 minutes

Country: US


Glasgow 2013

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