Reviewed by: Andrew Robertson

"Slight but entertaining."

A series of animated experiments, stop motion made from the husks of old books, Gutenberg is slight but entertaining. While avowed bibliophiles like your reviewer might wince on occasion to see texts transmogrified into trees, it elicited a very positive reaction from its audience at the 2014 Glasgow Short Film Festival.

Shortlisted for the Student Excellence Award at this years British Animation Awards, it entertains with crisp sculptural work and a playful approach.

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Amalie Vilmar explained in the subsequent GSFF Q&A that she didn't have a clear structure in mind but has still constructed an amusing anthology (albeit a very brief one) of animated noodlings in a similar mode. Citing Jan Švankmajer as an influence is reasonable, but Scottish Film Festival goers might also recall the Edinburgh Filmhouse's book sculpture mystery from 2011. Audiences there can find it in the lobby, and it, like Gutenberg, is worth making an effort to see.

Reviewed on: 15 Feb 2014
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A tribute to John Gutenberg, who introduced the printing press in Europe.

Director: Amalie Vilmar

Writer: Amalie Vilmar

Year: 2013

Runtime: 2 minutes

Country: UK


Glasgow 2014

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