Reviewed by: Andrew Robertson

This is Nicholas Provost's second film in EIFF 2008's Black Box Shorts programme. While Plot Point alluded to conventions of film-making and its representation of narrative, Gravity appears to be examining the screen kiss, that moment of passionate embrace between two characters. Unfortunately, it chooses to do so in a way that is so off-putting as to be almost unwatchable.

Gravity was made by rapidly intercutting between clips from other films, to the extent that it probably deserves a strobe warning. We see screen couple after screen couple drawn to each other for a moment, doubtless the titular attraction, but in a staccato that grates almost instantly. There are flashes of From Here To Eternity, Vertigo, Breakfast At Tiffanys. In among the ranks of Gary Coopers and Cary Grants is a moment of Blue Velvet, possibly Tokyo Story.

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It resembles nothing more than a challenge round in a movie quiz, save that there is no obvious reward, seemingly no point. It might be saying something about the similarities, about the differences, but there isn't enough to tell. These are cuts between simultaneous shots, like channel switching on a pair of turntables, or a remote control in the hands of someone bored on a sofa. It leaves audiences confused, and, if they're lucky enough to recognise what has been mangled before them, the desire to watch something else. Despite being made of others' films the credits are remarkably brief, with no mention of the sources. If it were a student film it would fail a second time for the lack of a bibliography. As it stands it merely fails.

Reviewed on: 03 Jul 2008
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Examination of a screen kiss.

Director: Nicolas Provost

Writer: Nicolas Provost

Year: 2007

Runtime: 6 minutes

Country: Belgium


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