If you're looking for a movie that has no action, no monsters, no sex and no bad language then you've come to the right place. Yasujiro Ozu's Good Morning is just what you want. It's a nice movie. It doesn't have any confusing plot twists, or conspiracies, or anything that will get you rolling about the ground tearing your hair out.

It takes place in the late Fifties when television sets were the new must-haves and people hadn't even heard of DVDs (because they hadn't been invented). It focuses on the lives of a small suburban community and the daily misunderstandings of its residents. While the adults deal with unemployment, door-to-door salesmen and the odd nosy neighbour, the kids are there to show us that not everything has to be so complicated. The only thing they have to worry about is who can fart on command!

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The kids are the stars of the film and, while the one who soils himself and the sumo wrestling addict are funny, its little Isamu who steals your heart. He copies everything that his brother says and does and even when he's being bad you can't help but forgive him.

The grown-ups aren't particularly entertaining, but it's the situations they find themselves in that the kids react to which makes the film so enjoyable. In fact, the adults could have taken acting lessons from the little ones.

If you want something different to watch, choose this. It's nice.

Reviewed on: 11 May 2006
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The humanity of small things in a Tokyo suburb in the Fifties as Western consumerism encroaches.
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Director: Yasujiro Ozu

Writer: Kogo Noda, Yasujiro Ozu

Starring: Chishu Ryu, Kiniko Miyake, Yoshiko Kuga, Koji Shidara, Masahiko Shimazu, Keiji Sada, Haruo Tanaka, Haruko Sugimura

Year: 1959

Runtime: 94 minutes

BBFC: PG - Parental Guidance

Country: Japan


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