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Weapons Of Mass Deception
Documentary lifts the lid on media coverage of the conflict in Iraq.
Jigsaw's final game attempts to link the pieces in this blood-soaked franchise.
Teenagers are killed as they battle an evil website.
The Last Detail
Ordered to take a young convict to prison, two Navy officers decide to help him have one last good time.
The Driver
A detective hunts a getaway driver through the streets of San Fransisco.
The Sentinel
US secret service attempts to foil a presidential assassination plot, while uncovering a traitor in its midst.
The truth about Little Red Riding Hood.
Coast Guard
A border soldier loses grip of reality after an accidental killing.
Miami Vice
Cop duo Crockett and Tubbs ditch their 80s pastel suits to crack - pardon the pun - down on a gang of ruthless drug dealers in style.
Over The Hedge
More cartoon critters learn 'important' lessons.
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