God Save The Queen

God Save The Queen


Reviewed by: David Stanners

Twenty five years ago The Sex Pistols burst onto the stage, attempting to rumble the UK's established moral fabric.

Matt Hulse has felt it necessary to carry the message of their hit single, God Save The Queen, into the modern era by featuring some guy precariously poncing around in a Union Jack, or sitting in an open top London bus, miming anachronistically to lyrics that meant something at the time. Nowadays, I just don't think so.

The song was never good, so why rehash it in an age where it makes about as much sense as George Dubya's speeches, even on a good day?

Reviewed on: 02 Aug 2003
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25th anniversary celebration of The Sex Pistols.

Director: Matt Hulse

Year: 2001

Runtime: 4 minutes

Country: UK


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