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With A Girl Of Black Soil
South Korean family drama about an economically impoverished family and their difficulties with one another.
Lagerfeld Confidential
A peek behind the mysterious shades of Chanel’s iconic front man.
A Promise To The Dead: The Exile Journey Of Ariel Dorfman
An exploration of the exiled life of writer Ariel Dorfman.
The Baker
Comedy thriller where a hit man, takes refuge from his boss by finding work as a baker in a quiet Welsh village.
Blind Mountain
Looking for work in rural northern China, a female student is kidnapped by a businessman posing as her employer, and sold into a family as the son’s bride to be.
A Massacre Foretold
Documentary about the massacre of a group of indigenous Mexicans by government backed paramilitaries.
Kurt Cobain - About A Son
A look at the life and music of Kurt Cobain, narrated by the man himself.
Stranger Than Fiction
A fictional character fights for his life in the real world.
The Dawn Chorus
A boy and girl return to where their parents’ plane crashed 7 years earlier.
Exploration of the dark ironies surrounding Austria's Mauthausen concentration camp.
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