Gil Scott-Heron And His Amnesia Express - Tales Of Gil


Reviewed by: Keith Dudhnath

Tales of Gil is a live concert, recorded at the Town and Country Club, London, on the 14th of March 1990. Gil Scott-Heron, social commentator extraordinaire, performs six of his best-known tracks, from Johannesburg to Three Miles Down.

To save us from universe-imploding paradoxes, he opts not to treat us to his opus, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. Even with this absence, there is more than enough for fans to enjoy.

Whilst a recording can never compete with the live experience, Tales Of Gil manages to include the audience at home more than most live recordings do. This is due, in the main, to focussing on the players more than the lacklustre audience response. Those not familiar with a musician who can be summed up as an angry Stevie Wonder will do well to check it out. Their response should be anything but lacklustre.

Tracklisting: Three Miles Down, We Almost Lost Detroit, Angel Dust, Winter In America, Johannesburg, The Bottle.

Reviewed on: 04 Oct 2002
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Gil Scott-Heron And His Amnesia 
Express - Tales Of Gil packshot
Performance by the social commentator.
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Director: Nick Bigsby

Starring: Gil Scott-Heron

Year: 1990

Runtime: 62 minutes

Country: UK


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