Keith Dudhnath

Keith Dudhnath's guilty secrets include the Police Academy series (except for Mission To Moscow) and Earth Girls Are Easy. His favourite Scorsese film is After Hours, and Timothy Dalton is his favourite Bond. His taste is very suspect. He can often be found not writing at

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Latest Film Reviews

Special When Lit
A history of pinball, and a look at its current devotees and major players.
The Thick Of It: The Specials
Biting political satire that survives comparison with Yes, Minister.
Russell Peters: Red, White And Brown
Stand-up comedy, investigating multiculturalism and stereotypes.
Step Brothers
Comedy about adult siblings sharing a room.
Shoot On Sight
An innocent man is shot on the London Underground.
The Colour Of Magic
Rincewind the wizard is forced to become a guide for the Discworld's first ever tourist.
Donkey Punch
Seven go mad on a yacht. Plus read our <a class="banner_lnk_red" href="">interview</a> with the director and stars of the film. The film is out to own on November 10.
Strange Wilderness
Wildlife TV presenters go in search of Bigfoot with a crew of idiots and stoners.
Psycho Beach Party
Surfing spoof about a beach bunny with a sexually ravenous alter ego.
Let's Get Lost
Documentary about the jazz trumpeter.
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