Fresh Guacamole


Reviewed by: Jennie Kermode

Fresh Guacamole
"This is the shortest film ever nominated for an Oscar, and it's just delicious."

Sometimes the shortest film are the sweetest. This is the shortest film ever nominated for an Oscar, and it's just delicious.

Simply animated, Fresh Guacamole recalls the games you may have played as a child where the absence of a necessary item - an ingredient in food, for instance - required substitution with something an outsider might consider rather unlikely. Here, the game begins with the slicing open of miniature hand grenades to extract creamy avocado pulp.

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To say more would be to spoil the surprises, some of which may make you gasp with delight, so suffice to say that the theme remains constant but the film's quirky inventiveness makes it constantly pleasing. It doesn't outstay its welcome but within its short span it certainly makes an impression.

This is a film that will please viewers of all ages. Like guacamole, it's a simple dish, the craft of animation honed right down to the basics. It's a perfect accompaniment but when it's gone you'll feel ready to enjoy it all over again.

Reviewed on: 14 Feb 2013
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A variety of unlikely objects are used to make fresh guacamole.

Director: PES

Writer: PES

Year: 2012

Runtime: 2 minutes

Country: US


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