It's hard to have an objective view on an event that shook the world, so reviewing Flight 93 is not an easy task, as this is not the only movie that tackles this very sensitive subject. Peter Markle's film faces stiff competition from Paul Greengrass's critically acclaimed United 93.

The story of Flight 93 is the real life dramatisation of the fourth plane involved in the 9/11 tragedy, the one that never reached its intended target, due to the heroic actions of the passengers on board. These brave men and women overpowered their captors and managed to take down the plane at the expense of their lives.

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The acting is far from subtle, with some cringe-worthy dialogue, which undermines credibility, losing its sentimental core, which for a true-to-life event is a worrying sign. The performances are one-dimensional and the actors rely on cliched responses to get them through.

The direction lacks any sense of realism, which is surprising from a man who made a career out of documentaries. I feel that the producers have rushed this out to cash in on the success of the Greengrass reconstruction.

The movie has no emotional impact, considering that these events brought the world to a standstill and changed the way we live in society today.

Flight 93 is a very poor film indeed.

Reviewed on: 11 Jun 2006
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True stories about plane passengers who tried to avert a 9/11 attack.
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