Flight 93

Flight 93

DVD Rating: ***

Reviewed by: Harry Lockhart

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Robert Markle and Nevin Schreiner are the director and screenwriter respectively on the yak track and they are very informative, explaining how they spent time trying to get the tone correct. They also talk about contacting the families of the victims to make sure they had their personalities and physical appearances correct. Their discussion on the music is also interesting, with conflicting views on whether to use a subtle score over something more melodramatic.

The Making Of documentary is informative, without going into too much depth, since it lasts less than five minutes. Markle tells us he was adamant about using "unknown" actors to create a better sense of realism. David Gerber, the executive producer, shares his feeling of pride in the film's realistic depiction of events.

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The bonus features are rather sparse, possibly in order to keep the production cost down. Even the menu screen looks cheap. For a movie with this much scope and information, it is a shame that they didn't pack the DVD with more extras to compensate for the film's disappointment.

Reviewed on: 11 Jun 2006
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True stories about plane passengers who tried to avert a 9/11 attack.
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Product Code: MTD5252

Region: 2

Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1

Extras: Audio commentary by director Robert Markle and writer Nevin Schreiner; Making Of documentary

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