Finn's Girl

Finn's Girl


Reviewed by: Caro Ness

I found myself being seduced by this quietly accomplished Canadian film. It is a tale of a lesbian fertility specialist Finn (Brooke Johnson) who runs the clinic that her wife, who has since died of breast cancer, founded while simultaneously facing the anti-abortion extremists and raising her rebellious daughter Zelly (Maya Ritter) when she is more club-loving biker chick than mother material.

The anti-abortion lobby in the US is huge so it is interesting that a Canadian has picked up this topic. In the US, the fact that Finn gets shot at twice would be major news, here it is barely given lip service and this is where the movie falls down - the tension just isn’t tense enough, with attempts on Finn’s life very underplayed. Yet, her situation merits the protection of two police officers, one a gay woman, Diana (Yanna McIntosh) who is trying not to fall for Finn, the other a would be male lothario (Gilles Lemaire).

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What makes this film sing are the performances of the juveniles. Maya Ritter is wonderful as the devilish Zelly, a rebel who pushes the boundaries with cheek rather than maliciousness. She is ably backed up by Eve (Chantel Cole) and Max (Andrew Chalmers), who provide her comfort zone, going along with her for the ride as she shoplifts and smokes pot, while protecting her from other kids and their parents who misunderstand and dislike her.

The adult roles pale in comparison because they are not half as complex as the kids but they are all ably characterised by a team of gifted actors. Even a sperm donor Paul (Richard Clarkin) emerges as a well-rounded man who loves his daughter and resents the fact that Finn has sole custody of Zelly. The end is feeble, in that it solves everything and nothing, but that and quibbles over the violence - which fizzles rather than crackles - are small complaints. This is a very watchable and likeable story that grows on you and despite its sometimes overly didactic tone and its eminently good intentions, you cannot help rooting for the blossoming love between Finn and Diana and the fiercely individual Zelly who is a rich mix of loyal friend and rebellious daughter, of insecurity and bravura.

I urge you to give this film a chance. It is intelligent, thought provoking and beautifully acted.

Reviewed on: 03 Feb 2009
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Thriller about an abortion clinic worker, her daughter and the police assigned to protect them.
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Director: Dominique Cardona, Laurie Colbert

Writer: Laurie Colbert

Starring: Brooke Johnson, Yanna McIntosh, Maya Ritter, Richard Clarkin, Nathalie Toriel, Gilles Lemaire, Andrew Chalmers, Chantel Cole, Gail Maurice, Stephen Bogaert

Year: 2007

Runtime: 88 minutes

BBFC: 15 - Age Restricted

Country: Canada


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