Final Cut: Take Three

Final Cut: Take Three


Reviewed by: Amber Wilkinson

When it comes to predicting the future of film - short films are a great place to start. This is where much of our feature film talent emerges from, not just in terms of directors and scriptwriters, but with regard to upcoming actors as well. Just a few years ago, directors such as Ivan Reitman (Thank You For Smoking), David Mackenzie (Young Adam and the upcoming Hallam Foe) and Andrea Arnold (Red Road) were finding their feet - and their audience - by making short films. Equally, actors including David Tennant and Peter Mullan have done their fair share of shorts on the way up.

This latest edition of Final Cut - put together by the Brighton-based independent short film exhibitors of the same name - is very welcome and definitely worth the modest £10.45 cover price, including postage and packing.

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It features 16 shorts ranging from the ultra-swift experimental piece Flicker - which clocks in at just one minute - to lengthier dramas including the 12-minute Illegal and the superbly realised Stung.

Covering everything from comedy to pop video and animation, the disc contains something for everyone, and while some are less polished than others, several of the films here are excellent both in terms of story and technique.

For a review of each of the films on the disc, click the links below. The DVD is available to buy from

A comical guide to making a movie.

Love blossoms between two illegal immigrants.

Fast-paced, abstract pop video.

An evening in the life of a speed dater.

Short about a man planning his night out - shot guerrilla style in the New York subway.

Surreal drama in the sea.

Documentary on the Brazilian experience of clearing Customs to enter the UK.

A man gets up.

A stop-motion doll plays a surreal visit to a house.

The marital problems of a self-centred scientist in 2112.

S&M thriller.

The reminiscences of an elderly beekeeper.

Experimental black and white film recalling early cinema.

Dark animation exploring the human condition.

Split-screen examination of a love affair.

Pink and punky pop video for Triple Creme.

Reviewed on: 18 Jul 2007
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A eclectic mix of short films by up-and-coming directors.


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