Disability Swimming

Disability Swimming


Reviewed by: Jennie Kermode

Made in celebration of the 2012 Olympic Games, Disability Swimming is a short but very busy film about a day in the life of a volunteer. Our hero gets us, eats toast, races out of the door, drives to the local swimming baths, and then begins assisting with a rapid series of activities. Sharp editing manages to put across the relaxing aspects of the day at the same time as conveying the joy of volunteering, and there's also room for humour as the first person perspective presents challenges for the film crew.

Amateur level disability swimming may not sound like the most thrill-packed activity to observe, but this film effectively shows us the impressive work the swimmers can do at the same time as making the action around the pool exciting. In essence it's about having a good time with people whose company you enjoy, and it will make you feel like part of the gang. It's a film about sport that will appeal to non sports fans and a film about people that will appeal to pretty much everyone.

Reviewed on: 17 May 2012
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A short documentary about the experiences of a volunteer helping out at a local swimming pool.

Director: Sam Cook

Year: 2011

Runtime: 2 minutes


Southside 2012

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