Dinosaur Eggs In The Living Room

Dinosaur Eggs In The Living Room


Reviewed by: Andrew Robertson

Raghild Borgomanero is an amazing lady. This film is about her, and it is also amazing. These are the recollections of a woman who "fell into [her husband's] arms" when they heard the news of Kennedy's assassination. These are the stories of someone trained as a nutritionist who became a consular wife, who has taught herself how to use Audacity and Photoshop and other programs to catalogue the artifacts and photographs she and her husband accumulated, a slide-show wielding avatar of a time gone by.

She is a heroine of the Jet Set & Perm age, the 1960s made flesh. This is polyglot internationalism, verging on magical realism. Of course there's a table strong enough to hold a nest of dinosaur eggs - it was specially ordered. There are countries, times, places, names, dates, photographs and family moments. The greatest documentaries shine a light on that which is obscure, make the smallest thing relevant. The next best documentaries just find a brilliant subject, and show us it. Raghild is one of the latter. Rafael Urban's film and Eduardo Baggio's respectful photograph, allow us to discover Raghild's life, her love - she is making films herself, and while Urban's efforts are to be praised it's her work that intrigues the most.

Copy picture Reviewed on: 25 Jun 2012
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A recently widowed woman archives the treasures brought back from travels around the world.

Director: Rafael Urban

Writer: Rafael Urban

Starring: Raghild Borgomanero

Year: 2011

Runtime: 12 minutes

Country: Brazil


EIFF 2012

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