Reviewed by: Andrew Robertson

It's your usual "girl meets girl, girl wakes up handcuffed to girl's bed" sort of, well, let's call it comedy - the romantic is a little more problematic, but there's certainly a connection between these two, even if it's only metal to headboard.

Helen Wright (who also directs) is Alex, and she can't remember the name of the young lady who is her, there's probably a word in one of the world's languages that's equidistant between 'paramour' and 'captor', so let's say that. This wouldn't be a problem, between the alcohol-induced amnesia - as hosts go there's coffee, scrambled eggs. It's just those handcuffs aren't getting undone.

With music by Crisis and Nevada Base, co-directed by Calum Nielsen, it's an early production from Glasgow "queer filmmaking collective" Lock Up Your Daughters. During Q&A it was revealed it was shot in a weekend, but that's not obvious - while it's brief, it's well constructed. It's also amusing, albeit somewhat disconcerting - as courtships go Bond is somewhat unconventional - let's not be heteronormative about it, because that's not the problem - indeed, the central conceit is tantamount to imprisonment, and one wonders if that would get the same light-hearted pass if it weren't two women involved. Perhaps this is over-thinking, perhaps "messed up" is the new normal. Bond raises a few laughs, and it clearly intends to - by that measure, even as an early effort, it's a success.

Reviewed on: 08 Feb 2013
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A one night stand leads to unexpected entanglements.

Director: Helen Wright

Year: 2013

Runtime: 10 minutes

Country: UK

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