Billy And Albert: Billy Connolly Live At The Royal Albert Hall

Billy And Albert: Billy Connolly Live At The Royal Albert Hall


Reviewed by: David Stanners

Like him or loathe him, you can't help but notice the "big yin." With his current Hollywood status, BBC contracts and worldwide notoriety, some of his die-hard Glaswegian cohorts have probably turned their backs on him. He would respond, no doubt, with, "Who f***ing cares, I'm rich," - something he's quick to point out is "F***ing great, by the way!"

Recorded in 1987, Billy & Albert is undoubtedly one of the classics. Sporting a flamboyant black-and-white stripy suit, with his anarchic straying trademark beard and locks, he belts around the stage at London's Albert Hall, fusing wayward physical comedy with ingenious punch lines. More often than not his jokes are couched in hilarious anecdotes, tailing off onto tangents, though cycles into further sub plots before eventually returning to the starting point. This is Connolly's gift, which he modestly describes as memory loss: "If yae talk long enough aboot somethin', you'll eventually remember what yae were supposed to be talking aboot in the first place."

A brilliant raconteur, with range and a no-taboo attitude, he discusses anything and everything from politics, to Aids, to condoms, to Scots who could scare Afghani troops with the sound of bagpipes and good old self-deprecating jokes about Scots inventing copper wire after fighting over a penny. At times, they seem a little dated, but the way in which he tells them is masterly and, almost two decades on, still splits your sides.

Connolly is a bona fide natural comedian. Unlike the newer breed, who say funny things onstage, but tend to take themselves too seriously off it, he is one of that rare breed who gets away with laughing at his own jokes and at himself wherever he is. Funny in any given situation, he has proven himself over the years in a catalogue of hilarious interviews, from Frost to Parky, and, more recently, with his road trips across the UK and Australia.

Billy & Albert stands out as one of his best live gigs and, despite its 17 year age tag, it has matured well, like a decent single malt

Reviewed on: 02 Jan 2005
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Billy Connolly takes his anarchic stand-up comedy act to the Sassenach heartland.
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Director: Nobby Clark

Writer: Billy Connolly

Starring: Billy Connolly

Year: 1987

Runtime: 90 minutes

BBFC: 18 - Age Restricted

Country: UK


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