Apples And Oranges


Reviewed by: Andrew Robertson

Apples And Oranges
"A bit like issues programming for young adults."

Claudia is a girl trying to make some choices, not just in her fruit but in her life. In particular, between two boys: shy, bookish poet Sam, and Sean, a record store operator with a nascent production career.

Simone James is Claudia, breezy and bubbly when she's up, affectingly distraught when she is not. She's also present as a clumsy voiceover, and though she gives it her best the fact that it doesn't work can be laid at the feet of writer Trevor Williams and director Magali Charrier. It's not studio-sabotaged Blade Runner bad, but in conjunction with interjections that amount to mimish wallpaper for disembodied soliloquy they feel patronising if not quite browbeating.

At times this feels a bit like issues programming for young adults, but it wouldn't be fair to blame the cast. They've only a role in BBC spy-nonsense Spooks and appearances in the Bristolian actor mills that are Casualty and Holby City between them, and while they do their best the script just doesn't pass muster. The colours are bright, and the music pleasant, but given the choice you'd be well to try something else - this is not the only fruit, and much else tastes better.

Reviewed on: 20 Jun 2009
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A woman is in love with two different men, but can't decide between them.

Director: Magali Charrier

Writer: Trevor Williams

Starring: Simone James

Year: 2008

Runtime: 8 minutes


EIFF 2009

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