Made In Prague line-up announced

Showcase celebrates 100th anniversary of founding of Czechoslovakia

by Amber Wilkinson

This year's Made In Prague film festival will mark the start of celebrations for the London Czech centre, which under the banner Czech100 will also present art, design, fashion, theatre and music to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of Czechoslovakia.

The film showcase will run from November 2 to 4 and feature UK premieres and new releases, including this year's Czech and Slovak nominations for the foreign language Oscar.

Czech entry, Winter Flies, is a coming-of-age comedy road trip. Written and directed by Olmo Omerz, it charts to youngsters' misadventures and mischief as they navigate the Czech countryside in a stolen Audi. Slovak entry The Interpreter, directed by Martin Sulik, also sees an odd couple go on a road trip. Toni Erdmann's Peter Simonischek and Closely Observed Trains director Jiri Menzel star as the son of an SS officer and his translator, who believes his family were murdered by the other man's father.

Family drama is to the fore in Tomáš Pavlíček’s deadpan comedy Bear With Us, while Vit Klusak's stylised documentary explores the tragicomic life of a Czech neo-Nazi.

The festival will also step back in time to screen Jan S Kolár’s silent epic St Wenceslas from 1929, accompanied by a musical ensemble specialising in medieval polyphony, while Jan Švankmajer’s final film Insects also joins the line-up.

The films will screen at London's Regent Street theatre, with many featuring post-screening Q&As. For more information and to book, visit the official site.

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