Venice Film Festival online screenings

18 films available in Web Theatre

by Amber Wilkinson

If Life Gives You Lemons
If Life Gives You Lemons
The Venice Film Festival has announced that a selection of 18 feature-length films will be available to view on line in the Web Theatre of the 75th edition of the festival.

The selection will include 11 films from the Orizzonti section, two from Biennale College – Cinema strand, three from Sconfini and two out of competition.

This seventh edition of the Venice Web offers the opportunity for cinephiles who can’t make it to Italy, to watch the films via the website on the evening they premiere at the Lido. Titles include six Italian films include, Emanuele Scaringi’s La Profezia Dell'Armadillo and If Life Gives You Lemons, by Ciro D'Emilio. Two of the Biennale College films, an initiative that fosters micro-budget features, will also be available - Deva by Petra Szöcs (Hungary) and Yuva by Emre Yeksan (Turkey).

The screenings, held on behalf of the festival will be available for the international community via Festival Scope’s Sala Web, while viewers in Italy can watch the films on on and on the platform MYMOVIESLIVE - Nuovo Cinema Repubblica. Online tickets, which are limited, cost €4 each, with a pass for five films available for €10. Each film (in the original language version with subtitles in English) will be available at 9 pm (Italian time) on the day of the official presentation of the film at the Lido and until September 19.

The Web Theatre Line-Up in full including the starting date for screenings:


  • Amanda By Mikhaël Hers (France, 107’, O.V. French With S/T Italian/English) – Starting August 31 (not available in the UK).
  • Anons (The Announcement) By Mahmut Fazil Coşkun (Turkey, Bulgaria, 95’, O.V. Turkish With S/T Italian/English) – Starting September 1
  • Deselembro (Unremember) By Flavia Castro (Brazil, France, Qatar, 2018, 105') – Starting August 31
  • Yom Adaatou Zouli (The Day I Lost My Shadow) By Soudade Kaadan (Syria, Lebanon, France, Qatar, 94’, O.V. Arabic With S/T Italian/English) – Starting September 3 (not available in the UK)
  • La Profezia Dell’armadillo By Emanuele Scaringi (Italy, 99’, O.V. Italian/French With S/T Italian/English) – Starting September 3
  • Tchelovek Kotorij Udivil Vseh (The Man Who Surprised Everyone) By Natasha Merkulova, Aleksey Chupov (Russia, Estonia, France, 105’, O.V. Russian With S/T Italian/English) – Starting September 5
  • Un Giorno All’improvviso (If Life Gives You Lemons) By Ciro D’emilio (Italy, 89’, O.V. Italian With S/T English) – Starting September 5
  • Soni By Ivan Ayr (India, 97’, O.V. Hindi With S/T Italian/English) – Starting September 6
  • Hamchenan Ke Mimordam (As I Lay Dying) By Mostafa Sayyari (Iran, 73’, O.V. Farsi With S/T Italian/English) – Starting September 6
  • Kraben Rahu (Manta Ray) By Phuttiphong Aroonpheng (Thailand, France, China, 105’, O.V. Thai With S/T Italian/English) – Starting September 7
  • Kucumbu Tubuh Indahku (Memories Of My Body) By Garin Nugroho (Indonesia, 106’ O.V. Indonesian/Javanese With S/T Italian/English) – Starting September 7

    Biennale College

  • Yuva By Emre Yeksan (Turkey, 127’, O.V. Turkish With S/T English/Italian) – Starting August 30
  • Deva By Petra Szöcs (Hungary, 80’, O.V. Hungarian /Romanian With S/T English /Italian) – Starting August 31


  • Il Ragazzo Più Felice Del Mondo By Gipi (Italy, 90’, O.V. Italian With English S/T)) – Starting September 1
  • Camorra By Francesco Patierno (Italy, 70’, O.V. Italian/Neapolitan Dialect With S/T English/Italian) – Starting September 2
  • Arrivederci Saigon By Wilma Labate (Italy, 80’, O.V. Italian/English/French With S/T English/Italian) – Starting September 5

    Out Of Competition

  • 1938 Diversi By Giorgio Treves (Italy, 62’, O.V. Italian With S/T English) – Starting September 4
  • Introduzione All’oscuro By Gastón Solnicki (Argentina, Austria, 71’, O.V. Italian With S/T Italian/English) – Starting September 5

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