Wales One World Film Festival 2012

This year's films.

This Is Not A Film This Is Not A Film
This Is Not A Film and When A Woman Ascends The Stairs
Acacias (Las Acacias) (Country: Argentina, Spain; Year: 2011; Director: Pablo Giorgelli; Writer: Pablo Giorgelli, Salvador Roselli; Stars: Germán de Silva, Hebe Duarte, Nayra Calle Mamani)
A truck driver agrees to transport a woman and her baby, not anticipating the change it may bring to his quiet life.
Amigo (Country: US; Year: 2010; Director: John Sayles; Writer: John Sayles; Stars: Chris Cooper, DJ Qualls, Garret Dillahunt, Yul Vazquez, Lucas Neff, James Parks, Dane DeHaan, Stephen Taylor, Bill Tangradi, Joel Torre, Rio Locsin, Bembol Roco, Irma Adlawan, Ronnie Lazaro, Pen Medina), Official Site
Set during the American-Philippine war as the head of a bario has to answer to both the Americans and the Filipino patriots, with deadly consequences.
AnDa Union: From the Steppes to the City (Country: UK; Year: 2011; Director: Tim Pearce, Sophie Lascelles, Marc Tiley)
A rare glimpse into the forgotten land of Inner Mongolia and its unique sounds revitalised by the band AnDa Union, whose global concerts and eventual homecoming we follow.
Breathing (Atmen) (Country: Austria; Year: 2011; Director: Karl Markovics; Writer: Karl Markovics; Stars: Thomas Schubert, Karin Lischka, Gerhard Liebmann, Georg Friedrich, Stefan Matousch), Official Site
A troubled young man on day release from prison takes a job in a morgue and is inspired to go looking for the mother who abandoned him as a baby.
The Eagle Hunter’s Son (Country: Germany, Sweden, Denmark; Year: 2009; Director: René Bo Hansen; Writer: Staffan Julén, Stefan Karlsson; Stars: Bazarbai Matei, Serikbai Khulan, Mardan Matei, Asilbek Badelkhan, Bejei Kulimkhan, Almaguli Matyei)
A young barbarian nomad ventures out alone in pursuit of his father's lost prize eagle.
Surviving Life Surviving Life
Surviving Life and Tales Of The Night
The Forgotten Space (Country: The Netherlands; Year: 2010; Director: Allan Sekula, Noël Burch), Official Site
Film essay documenting fishermen's working conditions and sea trade.
Framing The Other (Country: Ethiopia, Netherlands; Year: 2012; Director: Ilja Kok, Willem Timmers)
An encounter with a Mursi woman changes the way a Western tourist thinks about photographing African tribespeople.
Mysteries Of Lisbon (Mistérios de Lisboa) (Country: Portugal, France, Brazil; Year: 2010; Director: Raoul Ruiz; Writer: Camilo Castelo Branco, Carlos Saboga; Stars: Léa Seydoux, Melvil Poupaud, Clotilde Hesme, Lena Friedrich, Malik Zidi, José Afonso Pimentel, Catarina Wallenstein, Filipe Vargas, Ricardo Pereira, Miguel Monteiro, João Baptista, Carloto Cotta, Marco D'Almeida, Sofia Aparício, Maria João Bastos), Official Site
A whirlwind of adventures and escapades, coincidences and revelations, sentiments and violent passions, vengeance, love affairs, all wrapped in a rhapsodic voyage that takes us from Portugal to France, Italy, and as far as Brazil.
Old Dog (Country: China (Tibet); Year: 2010; Director: Pema Tseden; Writer: Pema Tseden; Stars: Lochey, Drolma Kyab, Tamdrin Tso)
Pema Tseden's quest to create a new Tibetan cinema takes another leap forward with this droll/tragic tale of conflicts between a shepherd and his heavy-drinking son…particularly over their pet Nomad Mastiff.
Position Among The Stars (Stand Van De Sterren) (Country: Netherlands; Year: 2010; Director: Leonard Retel Helmrich), Official Site
The effects of globalisation in Indonesia’s rapidly changing society ripple into the life of a poor Christian woman living in the slums of Jakarta with her Muslim sons and teenage granddaughter.
Where Do We Go Now? Where Do We Go Now?
Where Do We Go Now? and Amigo
Robert Mugabe... What Happened? (Country: UK, France, South Africa; Year: 2011; Director: Simon Bright; Writer: Ingrid Sinclair, Llewellyn the Last; Stars: Guy de Lancey, Robert Mugabe)
A documentary following Robert Mugabe's rise to power and subsequent collapse into international ignominy.
Surviving Life (Country: Czech Republic; Year: 2010; Director: Jan Svankmajer; Writer: Jan Svankmajer; Stars: Václav Helsus, Klára Issová, Zuzana Kronerová, Daniela Bakerova, Emília Doseková, Marcel Nemec, Jan Pocepický, Jana Olhová, Pavel Nový, Karel Brozek)
Eugene prefers a life of dreams to everyday reality in surrealist animator Jan Švankmajer's extension of one of his own dreams.
Think Global, Act Rural (Solutions locales pour un désordre global) (Country: France; Year: 2010; Director: Coline Serreau; Writer: Coline Serreau; Stars: Dominique Guillet, Vandana Shiva, Ana Primavesi, Philippe Desbrosses, Pierre Rabhi, João Pedro Stedile, Serge Latouche, Devinder Sharma, Lydia Bourguignon, Claude Bourguignon, Antoniets Semen Sviridonovitch), Official Site
Documentary examining the problem of industrialised agriculture.
Tales Of The Night (Princes And Princesses) (Country: France; Year: 2011; Director: Michel Ocelot; Writer: Michel Ocelot; Stars: Julien Bramis, Marine Griset, Michel Elias)
Enchanting, magical tales told using silhouette animation and screened in 3D.
This Is Not A Film (In Film Nist) (Country: Iran; Year: 2011; Director: Jafar Panahi, Mojtaba Mirtahmasb; Writer: Jafar Panahi; Stars: Jafar Panahi, Igi, Mrs. Gheirat, Mojtaba Mirtahmasb, Rakhsan, Sima, Micky, Hasan, Jafar Panahi, Igi, Mrs. Gheirat, Mojtaba Mirtahmasb, Rakhsan, Sima, Micky)
Jafar Panahi's postcard from Iran.
Acacias Acacias
Acacias and Unearthing The Pen
Turksib (Country: Russia; Year: 1928; Director: Victor A. Turin; Writer: Yakov Aron, Viktor Shklovsky)
A documentary following the building of an important train line between Turkmenistan and Siberia.
Unearthing The Pen (Country: UK, Uganda; Year: 2009; Director: Carol Salter; Stars: Locheng)
A bold young Karimojong boy digs in the ground to unearth a curse his tribal elders once put on education.
A Useful Life (La Vida Util) (Country: Uruguay, Spain; Year: 2010; Director: Federico Veiroj; Stars: Jorge Jellinek, Manuel Martínez Carril, Paola Venditto)
A 45-year-old who still lives at home, loses his long-standing job, but will it prove a catalyst for change?
When A Woman Ascends The Stairs (Onna ga kaidan wo agaru toki) (Country: Japan; Year: 1960; Director: Mikio Naruse; Writer: Ryuzo Kikushima; Stars: Hideko Takamine, Masayuki Mori, Reiko Dan, Tatsuya Nakadai, Daisuke Katô, Ganjiro Nakamura, Eitarô Ozawa, Keiko Awaji)
A middle aged hostess struggles to preserve her virtue as she faces financial difficulty and a critical life decision.
Where the Water Meets the Sky (Country: UK; Year: 2008; Director: David Eberts; Writer: Jordan Roberts; Stars: Morgan Freeman)
Women of Zambia speak out on Aids. Narrated by Morgan Freeman.
The Forgotten Space The Forgotten Space
The Forgotten Space and Position Among The Stars
Where Do We Go Now? (Et maintenant, on va où?) (Country: Lebanon; Year: 2011; Director: Nadine Labaki; Writer: Rodney Al Haddid, Jihad Hojeily, Nadine Labaki; Stars: Kevin Abboud, Claude Baz Moussawbaa, Julian Farhat, Ali Haidar, Leyla Hakim, Nadine Labaki, Yvonne Maalouf, Claude Moussawbaa, Antoinette Noufaily)
A group of Lebanese women try to ease religious tensions between Christians and Muslims in their village.

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