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Partisan Partisan
Partisan and Strangerland
Chlorine (Cloros) (Country: Italy; Year: 2015; Director: Lamberto Sanfelice; Writer: Elisa Amoruso, Elisa Amoruso, Lamberto Sanfelice, Lamberto Sanfelice; Stars: Sara Serraiocco, Andrea Vergoni, Giorgio Colangeli, Ivan Franek, Piera Degli Esposti, Anatol Sassi, Anna Preda Anisoara, Chiara Romano, Andrea D'Aurelio, Mario Massari, Sofia Ranalli, Maria Antonietta Bafile, Pina Bellano, Guido Maiorano)
Jenny, 17, dreams of becoming a synchronized swimmer. Family events turn her life upside down and she is forced move to a remote area to look after her ill father and younger brother. It won't be long before Jenny starts pursuing her dreams again.
World premiere.
Chorus (Country: Canada, Mexico; Year: 2015; Director: François Delisle; Writer: François Delisle; Stars: Sébastien Ricard, Fanny Mallette, Geneviève Bujold, Pierre Curzi, )
A marriage torn apart by the disappearance of a child is reconnected as events offer closure, resurrecting emotions and a kind of hope
World premiere.
Glassland (Country: Ireland; Year: 2014; Director: Gerard Barrett; Writer: Gerard Barrett; Stars: Will Poulter, Toni Collette, Jack Reynor, Michael Smiley, Harry Nagle)
A young cab driver tries to save his mum from alcoholism.
International premiere.
Homesick (De nærmeste) (Country: Norway; Year: 2015; Director: Anne Sewitsky; Writer: Anne Sewitsky, Ragnhild Tronvoll; Stars: Ine Marie Wilmann, Simon J. Berger, Anneke von der Lippe, Silje Storstein, Oddgeir Thune, Kari Onstad)
When Charlotte, 27, meets her brother Henrik, 35, for the first time, two people who don't know what a normal family is begin an encounter without boundaries. How does sibling love manifest itself if you have never experienced it before?
World premiere.
Ivy (Country: Turkey; Year: 2015; Director: Tolga Karaçelik; Writer: Tolga Karaçelik; Stars: Nadir Sarıbacak, Özgür Emre Yıldırım, Hakan Karsak, Kadir Çermik, Osman Alkaş, Seyithan Özdemiroğl)
Sarmasik is sailing to Egypt when the ship's owner goes bankrupt. The crew learns there is a lien on the ship, and key crew members must stay on board. Ivy is the story of these six men trapped on the ship for days.
World premiere.
Chorus Chorus
Chorus and Slow West
Partisan (Country: Australia; Year: 2015; Director: Ariel Kleiman; Writer: Sarah Cyngler, Ariel Kleiman; Stars: Vincent Cassel, Jeremy Chabriel, Florence Mezzara, Sapidah Kian, Samuel Eydlish, Wietse Cocu)
A boy grows up in a commune, trained to become an assassin, and begins to doubt its leader.
World premiere.
Princess (Country: Israel; Year: 2014; Director: Tali Shalom-Ezer; Writer: Tali Shalom-Ezer; Stars: Ori Pfeffer, Shira Haas, Keren Mor, Adar Zohar-Hanetz)
While her mother is away from home, 12-year-old Adar’s role-playing games with her stepfather move into dangerous territory. Seeking an escape, Adar finds Alan, an ethereal boy that accompanies her on a dark journey between reality and fantasy.
International premiere.
The Second Mother (Country: Brazil; Year: 2015; Director: Anna Muylaert; Writer: Anna Muylaert; Stars: Regina Casé, Michel Joelsas, Camila Márdila, Karine Teles, Lourenço Mutarelli)
When the daughter of a maid arrives to visit her mother at her employers after a 13-year separation, the scene is set for fireworks.
World premiere.
Slow West (Country: New Zealand; Year: 2015; Director: John Maclean; Writer: John Maclean; Stars: Michael Fassbender, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Ben Mendelsohn, Rory McCann, Jeffrey Thomas, Brooke Williams, Stuart Martin, Madeleine Sami, Caren Pistorius, Kalani Queypo, Michael Whalley, Erroll Shand, Tawanda Manyimo, Stuart Bowman, Edwin Wright), Trailer
A Scotsman heads to the american West in search of his lost love.
World premiere.
Strangerland (Country: Australia, Ireland; Year: 2015; Director: Kim Farrant; Writer: Michael Kinirons, Fiona Seres; Stars: Nicole Kidman, Hugo Weaving, Joseph Fiennes, Sean Keenan, Nicholas Hamilton, Megan Alston, Taylor Ferguson, Benedict Hardie, Martin Dingle Wall, Chris Pattinson, Lisa Flanagan, Maddison Brown, Ben Wood)
When two teenage children go missing in the desert, their parents' lives begin to unravel.
World premiere.
Glassland Glassland
Glassland and The Second Mother
The Summer Of Sangaile (Country: Lithuania, France, Netherlands; Year: 2015; Director: Alanté Kavaïté; Writer: Alanté Kavaïté, Alanté Kavaïté; Stars: Aiste Dirziute, Julija Steponaityte)
Seventeen-year-old Sangaile is fascinated by stunt planes. She meets a girl her age at the summer aeronautical show, nearby her parents’ lakeside villa. Sangaile allows Auste to discover her most intimate secret and in the process finds in her teenage love, the only person that truly encourages her to fly.
World premiere. Day One Film.
Umrika (Country: India; Year: 2014; Director: Prashant Nair; Writer: Prashant Nair, Prashant Nair; Stars: Suraj Sharma, Tony Revolori, Prateik, Smita Tambe, Adil Hussain, Rajesh Tailang, Amit Sial, Sauraseni Maitra, Pramod Pathak, Alexx O'Nell, Kartik Krishnan, Candace McAdams, Chaitanya Mohan)
When a young village boy discovers that his brother, long believed to be in America, has actually gone missing, he begins to invent letters on his behalf to save their mother from heartbreak, all the while searching for him.
World premiere.

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