Sundance Film Festival 2008

Continuing its commitment to short film, Sundance has expanded its short film section - so we've split our coverage. Below is the list of this year's US films. The 2008 selection of 41 films are split into dramatic, documentary, animation and a new experiemental category. They "reinforce the genre as one which represents creativity and technological innovation. After the festival the shorts will be available for download from a variety of sources.

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Sick Sex Sick Sex
Sick Sex and On The Ice
Aquarium (Country: US; Year: 2007; Director: Rob Meyer; Writer: Rob Meyer; Stars: Don L Bagley, Kurt Braunohler, Zachary Brian, Matt Campbell, Barbara Ann Davison, PK Egersheim)
Something's fishy at an aquarium society meeting.
By Modern Measure (Country: US; Year: 2006; Director: Matthew Lessner; Writer: Matthew Lessner; Stars: Anne-Sophie, Adam Mortemore, Diego Ongaro)
As part of an ongoing, unaired TV series, an amateur French sociologist presents his observations on a day in the life of two young Americans who meet by chance outside a Taco Bell on October 8, 2006.
Chief (Country: US; Year: 2008; Director: Brett W Wagner; Writer: Brett W. Wagner; Stars: Kalani Apuakehau, Chief Sielu Avea, Dion Donahue, Ka'alaka'i Faurot, Pukaua Ah Nee, Chief So'o)
Semu Fatutoa drives a taxi in Honolulu, Hawaii, slowly forgetting his old life as a tribal Chief in Samoa. Little does he know, his old life is looking for him.
The Deep (Country: US; Year: 2007; Director: Alex Haworth; Writer: Alex Haworth; Stars: David Spencer)
A journey unravels through the thoughts of a solitary character in the heart of a future dystopia. As he journeys deep underground, he tends to the machines that fuel the surface city. His jobs are precise, almost compulsive, and he is unable to stop.
Dog Lovers (Country: US; Year: 2007; Director: Danny Roew; Writer: Tonya Cornelisse, Graham Sibley; Stars: Tonya Cornelisse, Graham Sibley, Misty the Dog, Pudge the Dog)
Two potential lovers meet to talk about their affection for dogs.
The Second Line The Second Line
The Second Line and Inertia
The Execution Of Solomon Harris (Country: US; Year: 2007; Director: Wyatt Garfield, Ed Yonaitis; Writer: Ed Yonaitis; Stars: Will Bellais, Dave Hager, Wes Bailey, Glen Gartner, Jaysin Osterkamp, Jef Taylor)
An electric chair execution fails, delivering a non-lethal jolt of electricity that leaves the prisoner screaming in pain. Protocol and routine fail to provide a resolution, and the warden has to cope with the human dilemma that falls into his hands.
FCU: Fact Checkers Unit (Country: US; Year: 2008; Director: Dan Beers; Writer: Dan Beers, Peter Karinen, Brian Sacca; Stars: Ayad Akhtar, Sarah Hudnut, Peter Karinen, Bill Murray, Brian Sacca, Kristen Schaal)
After being assigned to check a bizarre fact about Bill Murray's love for drinking milk, two magazine fact checkers break into Bill's house to spy on him.
Force 1 TD (Country: US; Year: 2008; Director: Randy Krallman; Writer: Randy Krallman; Stars: Joanna Angelita, Enrique Gonzales, Esther Hong, TJ Pellot, Justin Reyes, Nikolas Reyes, Scout)
Three friends, one of whom is visually impaired and has a miniature guide horse named Carmine, set off to find Carmine a very special pair of sneakers for a very special occasion.
Inertia (Motion Studies: Inertia, MOTION STUDIES An Ongoing Series of Experiments 97: Inertia) (Country: US; Year: 2008; Director: Jake Mahaffy; Writer: Jake Mahaffy; Stars: Carl West)
Exploration of the difficulties of running in a suit of armour.
Lloyd Neck (Country: US; Year: 2007; Director: Benedict Campbell; Writer: Benedict Campbell; Stars: Brian Dare, Aaron Michael Davies, Carina Goldbach )
Alex has a crush on her brother's friend, Jesse. But Jesse likes Alex's brother, Taylor. Alex knows something is up with her brother. Caught in an awkward position, Taylor takes Alex and Jesse to his favorite spot.
Pariah Pariah
Pariah and Welcome
The Loss Of A Wrestling Match (Country: US; Year: 2007; Director: Jed Cowley; Writer: Jed Cowley; Stars: Jonathan Gappmaier, CJ Glover, Nolan Boyce, Robert Wiser, Michael Bessey, Rodney Williams, Joshua Wright, Natasha Haught, Ashley Sergeant, , )
So far in the season, Don has a 9-0 record. He is perfect, but in the upcoming duel he has to wrestle a higher-ranked opponent.
Man (Country: US; Year: 2007; Director: Myna Joseph; Writer: Myna Joseph; Stars: Sarah Steele, Adam Scarimbolo, Addison Timlin)
Maggie and her sister form an unusual bond during an encounter with a young man.
The Mark (Country: US; Year: 2007; Director: Thomas Barndt; Writer: Thomas Barndt; Stars: Buddy Barnett, Frank Mengwasser, Cocoa Conley, Kathe Duba-Barnett, Jesse Dean, Jason Leinwand)
A lawyer rents a room to a human lightning bolt.
On The Assassination Of The President (Country: US; Year: 2008; Director: Adam Keker; Writer: Adam Keker; Stars: Eric Andersen, Vonn Scott Bair, Don Damico, Ryan Dietz, Will Lyman, Stephan Smith Collins, Alfonzo Tucker, Oscar Urcuyo)
A file - only to be viewed in the event of a presidential killing - holds info on three likely suspects. Showing with The Juche Idea at EIFF 2008.
On The Ice (Sikumi) (Country: US; Year: 2008; Director: Andrew Okpeaha MacLean; Writer: Andrew Okpeaha MacLean; Stars: Tony Bryant, Olemaun Rexford, Brad Weyiouanna), Official Site
An Inuit hunter inadvertantly witnesses a murder.
Aquarium Aquarium
Aquarium and Lloyd Neck
Pariah (Country: US; Year: 2007; Director: Dee Rees; Writer: Dee Rees; Stars: Chanté Lewis, Sahra Mellesse, Adepero Oduye, Wendell Pierce, Pernell Walker, DeWanda Wise, Gameela Wright, , , ,)
A lesbian teenager juggles multiple identities to avoid rejection from friends and family.
The Rambler (Country: US; Year: 2007; Director: Calvin Reeder; Writer: Calvin Reeder; Stars: Calvin Reeder, Lindsay Pulsipher, Phillip Clarke, Wendy West)
A stranger takes to the lonely highway with his guitar and traveling sack.
A Relationship in Four Days (Country: US; Year: 2007; Director: Peter Glanz; Writer: Peter Glanz; Stars: Pete Chekvala, Liesl Gaffney-Dawson, Patrick McKenzie, Larry Pine, Barry Primus, Paige Stark, , , , , )
Coming from a wealthy family, Paul recently turned 30 and has never had or needed a real job. Lost in his own imagination, he often preaches his grand ideas, but in reality never does much... until he meets Sabine.
The Second Line (Country: US; Year: 2007; Director: John Magary; Writer: John Magary; Stars: Al Thompson, J D Williams, Dane Rhodes, Karen Pritchett)
Cleaning the filth after Hurricane Katrina.
Sick Sex (Country: US; Year: 2008; Director: Justin Nowell; Writer: Justin Nowell, Tommy Nowell; Stars: Ken Forman, Amanda Gruss)
The libido blues for an ill girl.
Sunlit Shadows (Country: US; Year: 2007; Director: Benjamin M Piety; Writer: Benjamin M. Piety; Stars: Cash Corey, Jennifer Marks, Ryan Scharoun)
A visual mix tape highlighting the simultaneous holding on to and letting go of lost love. Told through the songs and moments of a simple lazy morning.
Welcome (Country: US; Year: 2007; Director: Kirsten Dunst; Writer: Kirsten Dunst; Stars: Winona Ryder, John Hawkes, Lexi Jourden)
A frightened Cynthia and her family encounter a ghost when moving into a house. What seems to be a threat soon becomes someone with whom to share their home.

59th New York Film Festival early bird highlights Futura, Jane By Charlotte, James Baldwin: From Another Place and The Velvet Underground

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