Sundance Film Festival 2008

The Spectrum section of the festival, is "a tribute to the abundance of compelling new voices and the creative spirit in independent filmmaking".

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Momma's Man Momma's Man
Momma's Man and Love Comes Lately
August (Country: USA; Director: Austin Chick; Writer: Howard A Rodman; Stars: Josh Hartnett, Adam Scott, Naomie Harris)
An aggressive young dot-com entrepreneur struggles to keep his head above water as the bottom falls out of the market in August of 2001.
Baghead (Country: US; Year: 2007; Director: Mark Duplass, Jay Duplass; Writer: Mark Duplass, Jay Duplass; Stars: Steve Zissis, Ross Partridge, Greta Gerwig)
It's not often that a film can be both a hilariously tongue-in-cheek send-up of indie flicks and a brilliantly insightful bit of character drama, but the Duplass brothers (The Puffy Chair) pull it off in this story of four fledgling actors, a rustic cabin, and. . . something. . . in the woods.
Birds Of America (Country: USA; Director: Craig Lucas; Writer: Elyse Friedman; Stars: Matthew Perry, Ginnifer Goodwin, Ben Foster)
Three siblings couldn?t be more different, or more neurotic. But when they find themselves converging at the family manse, they become surprisingly indispensable to one another.
Blind Date (Country: USA; Director: Stanley Tucci; Writer: Stanley Tucci, David Schechter; Stars: Stanley Tucci, Patricia Clarkson, Thijs Romer)
A married couple has suffered a tragedy, and now the only way they can relate to one another is by meeting as different characters through a series of personal ads. A remake of the original work by the late Dutch director Theo van Gogh.
Bottle Shock (Country: USA; Director: Randall Miller; Writer: Jody Savin, Randall Miller; Stars: Alan Rickman, Bill Pullman, Chris Pine, Rachael Taylor, Freddy Rodríguez, Eliza Dushku)
The story of the early days of California wine making featuring the now infamous, blind Paris wine tasting of 1976 that has come to be known as "Judgment of Paris".
Red Red
Red and Chronic Town
Chronic Town (Country: USA; Year: 2008; Director: Tom Hines; Writer: Michael Kamsky; Stars: JR Bourne, Emily Wagner, Carrie Baker, Ejay Buoncore, Dan Butler, Joseph Leo Bwarie, Holly Clapham, Paul Dooley, Alice Drummond, Stacy Edwards, Ian Gregory)
A bittersweet slice-of-life comedy about a cab driver with substance abuse problems who weathers a cold Alaskan winter with his cadre of friends and lovers.
Goliath (Country: USA; Year: 2008; Director: David Zellner; Writer: David Zellner; Stars: David Zellner, Caroline O'Connor, Nathan Zellner), Official Site
Faced with a demotion, a pending divorce, and less-than-friendly neighbours, a man pins his hopes for salvation on finding his missing cat, Goliath.
A Good Day To Be Black & Sexy (Country: USA; Year: 2008; Director: Dennis Dortch; Writer: Dennis Dortch; Stars: Kathryn Taylor, Valley Jones, Chonte' Harris)
Six progressive vignettes explore sexuality and relationships in the black community of Los Angeles.
Love Comes Lately (Country: Germany/Austria/US; Year: 2007; Director: Jan Schütte; Writer: Jan Schütte, based on short stories by Isaac Bashevis Singer; Stars: Otto Tausig, Rhea Perlman, Tovah Feldshuh, Barbara Hershey, Caroline Aaron, Olivia Thirlby, Elizabeth Peña)
An old man dreams of sex.
Momma's Man (Country: USA; Year: 2008; Director: Azazel Jacobs; Writer: Azazel Jacobs; Stars: Flo Jacobs, Ken Jacobs, Dana Varon)
A man in mid-life crisis retreats to his parents' loft.
Goliath Goliath
Goliath and Baghead
Quid Pro Quo (Country: USA; Director: Carlos Brooks; Writer: Carlos Brooks; Stars: Nick Stahl, Vera Farmiga, Kate Burton)
A paraplegic New York public radio reporter becomes involved with a mysterious woman while researching a story about able=bodied people who secretly yearn to be paralysed.
Red (Country: US; Year: 2008; Director: Trygve Allister Diesen, Lucky McKee; Writer: Stephen Susco; Stars: Brian Cox, Noel Fisher, Tom Sizemore, Kyle Gallner, Shiloh Fernandez, Marcia Bennett, Lauren Birkell, Keith Buterbaugh, Kim Dickens, Robert Englund, Ashley Laurence)
A man sets out to find justice after his dog falls victim to a random act of violence.

59th New York Film Festival early bird highlights Futura, Jane By Charlotte, James Baldwin: From Another Place and The Velvet Underground

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