San Sebastian Film Festival 2020

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Nomadland Nomadland
Nomadland and The World To Come
DNA (ADN) (Country: France, Algeria; Year: 2020; Director: Maïwenn; Writer: Mathieu Demy, Maïwenn; Stars: Maïwenn, Louis Garrel, Marine Vacth, Fanny Ardant, Dylan Robert, Henri-Noël Tabary, Caroline Chaniolleau, Florent Lacger, Omar Marwan, Alain Françon, Maïwenn, Louis Garrel, Marine Vacth, Fanny Ardant, Dylan Robert)
A woman who regularly visits her elderly grandfather at a care home finds a family storm unleashed after his death.
The Father (Country: UK; Year: 2020; Director: Florian Zeller; Writer: Christopher Hampton, Florian Zeller; Stars: Anthony Hopkins, Olivia Colman, Mark Gatiss, Imogen Poots, Rufus Sewell, Olivia Williams)
Anthony is 80 years old. He lives alone in London and refuses the caregivers that his daughter tries to impose upon him. Yet his need for help is becoming more pressing.
Herself (Country: Ireland, UK; Year: 2020; Director: Phyllida Lloyd; Writer: Clare Dunne, Malcolm Campbell; Stars: Clare Dunne, Harriet Walter, Conleth Hill, Ian Lloyd Anderson, Molly McCanne, Ruby Rose O'Hara)
A domestic abuse survivor tries to build a new life - and home - for her kids.
Miss Marx (Country: Italy, Belgium; Year: 2020; Director: Susanna Nicchiarelli; Writer: Susanna Nicchiarelli; Stars: Romola Garai, Patrick Kennedy, John Gordon Sinclair, Felicity Montagu, Karina Fernandez, Emma Cunniffe, Philip Gröning, George Arrendell, Célestin Ryelandt, Oliver Chris, Alexandra Lewis, Georgina Sadler, Miel Van Hasselt, Freddy Drabble, Katie McGovern)
Biopic about Karl Marx’s youngest daughter Eleanor.
The Mole Agent (Country: Chile; Year: 2020; Director: Maite Alberdi; Stars: Sergio Chamy, Rómulo Aitken, Rubira Olivares, Marta Olivares, Berta Ureta, Zoila Gonzalez, Petronila Abarca)
When a family becomes concerned about their mother’s well-being in a retirement home, private investigator Romulo hires Sergio, an 83-year-old man who becomes a new resident – and a mole inside the home, who struggles to balance his assignment with becoming increasingly involved in the lives of several residents.
Moving On Moving On
Moving On and Herself
Moving On (Country: South Korea; Year: 2019; Director: Yoon Dan-bi; Writer: Yoon Dan-bi; Stars: Yang Heung-ju)
Okju and Dongju move into their grandpa's house during their summer vacation after their father goes broke... but problems begin with their grandad falls ill.
Never Rarely Sometimes Always (Country: US; Year: 2020; Director: Eliza Hittman; Writer: Eliza Hittman; Stars: Sidney Flanigan, Talia Ryder, Théodore Pellerin, Ryan Eggold, Sharon Van Etten, Drew Seltzer)
Faced with an unintended pregnancy and a lack of local support, Autumn and her cousin Skylar embark on a brave, fraught journey across state lines to New York City.
New Order (Nuevo Orden) (Country: Mexico; Year: 2020; Director: Michel Franco; Writer: Michel Franco; Stars: Diego Boneta, Dario Yazbek Bernal, Naian González Norvind, Gustavo Sánchez Parra, Lisa Owen, Javier Sepulveda, Mónica Del Carmen, Sebastian Silveti, Patricia Bernal, Roberto Medina, Eligio Meléndez, Analy Castro, Enrique Singer, Fernando Cuautle, Diego Boneta)
A lavish upper-class wedding goes awry in an unexpected uprising of class warfare that gives way to a violent coup d’etat.
Nomadland (Country: US; Year: 2020; Director: Chloé Zhao; Writer: Chloé Zhao, based on the book by Jessica Bruder; Stars: Frances McDormand, David Strathairn, Linda May, Charlene Swankie, Bob Wells, Patricia Grier, Cat Clifford, Tay Strathairn, Peter Spears)
A woman in her sixties who, after losing everything following the Great Recession, embarks on a journey through the American West, lives as a van-dwelling modern-day nomad.
Wife Of A Spy (Country: Japan; Year: 2020; Director: Kiyoshi Kurosawa; Writer: Ryûsuke Hamaguchi, Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Tadashi Nohara; Stars: Yû Aoi, Masahiro Higashide, Issey Takahashi, Hyunri, Yuri Tsunematsu, Ryôta Bandô, Chuck Johnson, Takashi Sasano, Minosuke, Yû Aoi, Masahiro Higashide, Issey Takahashi, Hyunri, Yuri Tsunematsu, Ryôta Bandô)
A couple struggle to overcome distrust and stay faithful in each other as war comes into their lives.
Out of competition. Section opening gala
The Mole Agent The Mole Agent
The Mole Agent and Never Rarely Sometimes Always
The World To Come (Country: US; Year: 2020; Director: Mona Fastvold; Writer: Ron Hansen, Jim Shepard; Stars: Vanessa Kirby, Katherine Waterston, Casey Affleck, Christopher Abbott, Andreea Vasile, Ioachim Ciobanu, Karina Ziana Gherasim, James Longshore, Sandra Personnic-House)
In upstate New York in the 1850s, Abigail begins a new year on the rural farm where she lives with her husband Dyer. But a friendship with the wife of a new neighbour leads to trouble.
Out of competition. Section closing gala

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