San Sebastian Film Festival 2019

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The Golden Legend The Golden Legend
The Golden Legend and The Prosecutor, The President And The Spy
The Golden Legend (Leyenda Dorada) (Country: Spain; Year: 2019; Director: Ion De Sosa, Chema García Ibarra; Writer: Chema García Ibarra; Stars: Nuria Rey Burgos, Laura Molano Chancal, Carlos Lebrón Lázaro, María Ángeles Rosco, Al Sarcoli, Cristina Canchal Solís, Jara Valiente, Javier Valiente, Natalia Valiente, Nuria Rey Burgos, Laura Molano Chancal, Carlos Lebrón Lázaro, María Ángeles Rosco, Al Sarcoli, Cristina Canchal Solís)
Drama against the backdrop of a summer's day at a swimming pool.
Lursaguak (Country: Spain; Year: 2019; Director: Izibene Oñederra)
As Hélène Cixous would say, we precisely live in this time when the conceptual basis of an age-old culture is being undermined by millions of moles of a species never seen before.
The Prosecutor, The President And The Spy (La Fiscal, El Presidente Y La Espia) (Country: Spain, Germany; Year: 2019; Director: Justin Webster)
A prosecutor investigating a terrorist bombing accuses the Argentinian president of colluding with Iran. Four days later, he's found dead. Six-episode series.
Urpean Lurra (Country: Spain; Year: 2019; Director: Maddi Barber; Writer: Maddi Barber)
Almost two decades ago, the Itoiz dam flooded seven villages and three natural reservoirs on the Pyrenean hillside in Navarra. The ecologist group Solidari@s con Itoiz made a video document of the fight against its construction. Today, those who were there dream of the land lying beneath the water. Their voices and gestures come together to tell the tale of an individual and collective mourning still suffered today.

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